Technology You Want

can already exist.

think its @aboynamedgoo that has a washing machine that you can turn on/off with a mobile app. I’d fucking love that in my life tbh.

also self driving taxis to finally eliminate the cabal of racist daily mail readers from the streets of London.



Hoogy is such a fucking class act eh. What a man.


not bothered by the fact that you’d need to be disintegrated and then rebuilt at another location?

Seems odd that washing machine doesn’t exist

Nah, not if it worked alright. Would be a game changer innit.

no, I believe adybongo has one?

Oh, I just don’t read properly, that’s the problem here.

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not for me, clive. Also, I quite like travelling to places.

also where do you draw the line? would you teleport from your desk to the shitter?

No way mate, wouldn’t do it in lieu of having a nice walk somewhere, would absolutely use it instead of being in a car/plane or whatever. Would be great for the planet.



is the app gonna put the washing in the machine for you as well?

Don’t think so boss, but ady might be able to clear this one up.

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In my dreams…

I can delay the start of the washing cycle by x hours, so it finishes just before I get home, but that’s as far as my hi-tech washing machine can take it.


You know what, I’m fine with that compromise. Hate having to stay up waiting for the washing.


Also the lost and found app I thought up earlier.

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what about something inside a golf ball so when it goes into the rough, you whistle or something and it reveals its location.

or rolls back onto the fairway


chuckling at the thought of you as a big time golfer. it might be true, but its not something I’d have had you down as.

good idea though - could roll it out with the lost and found app. gps golf balls.

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I was mad into my golf in my 20’s man. used to play 2-3 times a week. now it’s mainly spliffs, stellas and pitch & putt