Technology You Want

My mate has a bin that opens when you wave your hand over it, never have to touch the bin, what a time to be alive

the parking outside my house is always a nightmare. anything later than say 4PM and you’re parking half a mile away. thought it’d be an idea for a system where people park and as others leave and folk leave a bit of space, something shunts the cars along to create a little more room so all the motors sit uniformly

or something

pretend I’m a jedi when using a loo with that tech. even though I don’t really like star wars that much.

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Ours does this too. It’s also good for putting your washing on so that it’s ready to hang up first thing in the morning.


Could pretend your in Star Trek instead and say ‘computer open bin’

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but they don’t do a hand gesture on star trek, do they? its all about the hand gesture.

Oh yeah

you’re not really a jedi, are you?

I would never lie on the census

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probably already exists, but an oven where i can turn it on to a specific temperature from my phone, and then i get a notification when it’s reached that temperature.

ideally i’d want it to put my food in the oven for me too, let me know when it’s done and bring it to me. think that be v2?

my m8s oven used to let off a ping when it reached the desired temperature, and this was in the mid 90s.

something like this:


I want a fit bit I’m ashamed to say

my oven has a little light on it that’s on when it’s warming up and off if it’s at the right temperature. but i can’t see that from my front room. or turn my oven on while i’m on the way home so it’s ready for a pizza or something when i get back. essentially i can’t be bothered to get up and go to the kitchen to check.

think @marckee might be able to help you out with the engineering specifics, but looks okay to me!

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a few of my colleagues have them, and apparently they break really easily. like there was a month where it was just people complaining about their fitbits around here.

yeah I have this too - it’s a handy feature

What if someone made a clone of you by teleporting your reconstruction to two locations?

I’m surprised colour changing light bulbs aren’t more popular, totally life enhancing

my mum and brother in law had fit bits, software update came out, both of them died and were never used again. wouldn’t get one myself.