Technology You Want


find that most ovens make a little click when the light goes off - which whilst quiet is also somehow possible to hear over the TV or whatever - but I agree it should do a proper beep or something


I’m looking forward to buying a new 2nd hand car in about 10 years time and finally getting to open my boot by swinging my foot around - this seems to be the no1 feature for selling new cars right now



Nintendo Switch pls.


Technology I want:

Automated cars, vans, buses etc, that make walking and cycling safe.

Clean electricity and all vehicles to be electric.

The BFI website to not be shit


Just go straight onto Dragon’s Den - they’ll hire the proper engineers.


I’d fuck it


I have one of those. They are brilliant.

The only problem is that I often wave my hand over the bin in the work kitchen, and nothing happens …


Hold on a fucking minute


Definitely a Thursday filth thread in that hypothetical…


fucking does my nut in when I see someone parking in the middle of a two car sized gap


wouldn’t mind VR hurrying the fuck on so I can have a holodeck to retire in.


That’s not for me to say


chap who lives down from me park his car completely equidistant to his front window. basically taking up two spaces.

I’ve called him out on it a couple of times but he’s an absolute wretch so it’s a waste of my breath


I’d like to be able to plug a set of headphones into my acoustic guitar / banjo which would turn off the actual acoustic noise it makes but still sound perfect in my ears so I can noodle around on it incessantly without the wife complaining that “you never play any actual songs!” (how does she expect me to learn songs ffs)


some of these people think they’re doing the decent thing so as not to “box people in”


I care far too much about other people’s parking though to be fair. I get annoyed for some reason if I see someone who has parked a bit wonky or I feel they could have got closer to the curb. Absolutely no impact on me or anyone else I just can’t imagine how you’d be happy leaving your car like that.


when they somehow just have one rear wheel up on the curb :grimacing:


I live on a steep hill and the cars face down. real test of your reverse parking skillz, I can tell ya! some of the attempts are nothing short of shambolic


Your idea was clearly for a fully staffed national network pal