Technology You Want


digital penis


Which would obviously have an app, that goes without saying. Everything has an app!


Yeah. I went to a conference recently that had an app




Profk thinks I was suggesting an appless national lost and found, jeez louise.


Fiancée’s uncle lives on a street like that in Plymouth, that was an interesting reverse park. Thought the handbrake was gonna give out.


FAO @bird


Why are you ashamed? I have a Blaze and it generates amazing stats.


Because I’m already known to be taking my exercise too far and I work from numbers now (how heavy I lift, how fast I run, how many watts I generate) that if I have an extra element into counting, i’m going to become more obsessive and have a problem!

but then again I really want one and want to see if I can burn more.

is Blaze the one that shows calories burnt on the screen?


Yeah, calories, heart rate, floors climbed, distance and steps is all on the home screen.

It also can alert you to phone calls and shows app notifications which I find really helpful. The app itself generates brilliant stats that I find fascinating (sleep, heart rate, exercise performance). I can understand why you think you could become obsessive over it - but has genuinely made me more in tune with my body and I’m very glad I bought it. Only downside is it’s a bit chunky.


I really like the idea of it but I just think do I need it. I’ve been looking at the apple watch too but obviously much more expensive.
I like the idea of the sleep tracking. The main problem for me is I don’t wear a watch anyway, never have done, so i’m worried it’l irritate me.


Closet bike wanker. Even I’ve never worked on that level before.


I was in the same boat, hadn’t worn a watch in 15 years. It’s been absolutely fine - the only time I’ve had to take it off was during that hot week in June at nighttime.


Dunno if it counts as technology but really want these nike romelos lifting shoes

Just wanna squat 5 plates


Excuse my thickery, but what makes them ‘lifting’ shoes?


Hydraulic jacks in the heel


(I do not do this on a moving bike, just in peloton class)



You’ve convinced me! I’m going to treat myself with birthday money.

I do wanna know how much I actually burn. I think it is probably about 1000. Well I did 1000 last Saturday with parkrun and peloton class combined but sometimes I do different shit. I also wanna do heartrate and stuff.


Which Parkrun do you do, Desk?