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I typically burn 2200 in a day if I sit on my bum and don’t leave the house. A typically active day will come in around 3300 and a busy day with hockey and cycling will be 4400. I tend to burn about 7-800 for a parkrun. Depends how much you believe the stats however.


I only started up again last week but I did Finsbury Park.
I could do either that or Ally Pally. Both annoyingly hilly. I think i’d be able to break 30 mins if there ever was a flat parkrun.


Ooh. OK I want in on this.


Something that attaches to your brain that keeps you in a permanent state of pleasure and ecstacy, whilst completely mitigating the side effects.


Aye, I’ve been running in Finsbury Park whilst the Parkrun is on a few times without actually being in it and it’s an annoying layout of hilliness, was wondering if there was some other local gem I could get to instead.


Is Victoria Park too much of an arse Tone? My cycles around there on a saturday/sunday have always been ruined by you non-wheeled cunts.


Raised heel, no absorbing of force (unlike running shows which cushion), so you can distribute force into ground and let newtons 3rd law help you push/pull more weight


Aye, that would be a good 10k or so away from me in the first place innit, too much for sure


that’s where teleportation would come in handy man


Have you tried Highbury? I used to do that a fair bit. You run down the hilliest bit so you get quite a good time but you go round like 3 or 4 times.

I did properly enjoy it tho and I need to work on my hill sprints for other stuff I do but fuck me I cannot run up hill. Makes me want to vomit.


Fuckin’ A man


I haven’t might give that a shot once the game is out and I’m back running again.

Finsbury Park was alright and it’s about 2k each way to and from my flat with it so was always getting a decent run in but the hills reak havoc on my shin splints, I used to do Greenwich/Blackheath common all the time where the hills were much steeper but not as long and it turns out longer and not as steep is actually a fair bit harder.


4k is quite a lot to add on to that run. Suppose you could get the overground to Green Lanes.
I hadn’t done 5k in AGES so was pretty pleased that my first time back at it wasn’t so bad even with the hill. I didn’t stop once so I must be getting somewhat fitter.

i’ve been there with the shin splints. Can’t really remember what I did but they went away. Foam roller?


That’s not a bad peak output there, average a bit low, but you are indoors on a spinning bike, so I’m reckoning that has quite a large difference. Man I miss spinning classes.


I was doing two runs to work (5k bang on) and one 10k run at the weekend so doing 6k round Finsbury Park plus the 4k two and from my flat and it wasn’t too bad.

Shin splints have intermittently fucked me up for a while now, I think just resting up is the best way to deal with them but I’m also walking to and from work every day which is a fairly considerable distance so it’s not really cutting it as rest.


Always wanted a colour laser printer at home. And finally I have one. A Brother thing. Heavy fucker but there you go. Glad to finally own the pinnacle of home printers. It even does the whole scanning/photocopying shizzle.


Does it have an auto document feeder?


Yes it does


Excellent! There’s nothing quite as tedious as scanning a multi page document on a flatbed scanner. I wish you many years of happiness with your new home office kit.


how do you close it?