Ted Lasso

Weird how there’s no Ted Lasso thread on this board, despite there being a ridiculous number of references to it on these boards.

I have watched Ted Lasso
  • I have watched multiple episodes
  • I have watched it once
  • I have not
  • I have never even heard of it

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Opinion on Ted Lasso
  • I like it a lot
  • I like it
  • It’s OK
  • It’s not great
  • It’s bad

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Currently working my way through it after being put off for so long because it’s about soccer. Actually really liking it, proper comfort TV that basically has nothing to do with soccer at all.

Season 3 is on its way this spring, so seems like a good time to make a thread about it

I noticed from a friend of mine that in the filming of this season they were in Amsterdam, and the cast even did an impromptu improv show at Boom Chicago which was cool (though I missed it).


all the best with the new thread ma0sm


Thanks cowcow, I love a new thread, got a real vibe

I watched one episode and thought it was bad so I have voted accordingly in the polls. I wish this thread every success, however.


Awful shit.

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I did enjoy searching back to see if there was a thread already, and seeing multiple posts from you in multiple threads talking about how shit it was!


1st series wasn’t bad, 2nd one was absolutely terrible after Roy Kent left Sky Sports.

Really delightful show imo, like both seasons equally though there could probably have been a bit more football in S2. Roy Kent going back to Richmond is my favourite scene with the great use of She’s Like A Rainbow:


It stars that awful bellend who used to be the everyman in the Cineworld Unlimited Card ads they played before every film circa 2018-19

Down hill after that scene for me.

Every DiSer who got the ‘link’ notification when ma0sm created this thread:


I love it! Such good, heartwarming tv.


I just know it’s about football and that actor who people said is CGI is a nepo baby

Saw one episode over lockdown and was pleasantly surprised

to find out I was right in my prediction that it would be a bad show!!


Ted Lasso/Marvel checklist:

  • Dani Rojas as bartender in Spiderman: No Way Home
  • Roy Kent as Hercules in Thor: Love And Thunder
  • Ted as ‘Hit-Monkey’
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housemate binged it recently so i caught several episodes but not all of them

seemed fine but i didn’t care enough about it to catch up on the eps i missed

Enjoyed the first series, second one was pretty poor. I probably only really watched it as my house mate had a free Apple TV subscription from when he bought a new phone and the fact it was filmed at Selhurst Park.

Not sure I’d go out my way to sign up to Apple TV to watch the third.

Really enjoyed the Coach Beard solo episode

Juno Temple is perfect in this

Good good fun show, actually moved me to tears at some point - can’t remember when but still, not all that many light easy watching comedies can do that