Ted Lasso

Liked S1, S2 was an absolute trainwreck.

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Was recommended it was i want something nice in my life on the tele and no longer have:

  • the detectorists
  • Parks & Rec
  • Schitts Creek

to watch which are some nice chucklesome, warming tv programs to watch when i want the tv to hug me.

Tedd Lasso is ok but doesn’t come close*

*i’m near the end of s1 so it may get better i dunno


Didn’t get very far with the first episode, maybe about 20 minutes before I gave up. Might watch a later random episode to see if it seems better and then start again if it does.

The episode where the team goes to Manchester is probably the best of the series. Funny and then that emotional gut punch with the panic attack.

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Not good to hear this.

I enjoyed season 1 a lot, currently one episode into season 2 and already noticed a slight change for the worse, hoped it was just my imagination…

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It’s not as good, but the good bits are still worth it.


For me, despite being a relatively cheap looking, twee soap opera it walked the tightrope really well in S1 and never fell too far into cliché. It was big hearted, and had enough strong writing to see it through any rough patches. S2 seemed to topple over that line and never recovered for me.

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Uh-oh, that’s basically identical to my thoughts.

weird seeing Stu from Corrie in it

Adjacent: Hannah Waddingham as the fearless woodcutter in that episode of Willow TV series

She also pops up in Hocus Pocus 2!

Also, blew my mind a bit when I found out she’s the “SHAME! SHAME!” woman from Game Of Thrones.

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With all due respect to @amity their opinions are almost always incorrect with MCU TV shows and are incorrect here.

Although I did find one character’s S2 arc bad and clunky but still enjoyed it.

Have you watched Welcome to Wrexham on D+ maomao? Interesting vibes to follow this up with it

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Quite enjoyed ‘Ted Lasso’ trending on twitter when Leeds sacked Jesse Marsch tbf

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She and Gwendoline Christie should surely be lined up for some kind of action duo?


Some sort of buddy cop action movie?
Or they are sisters and someone like Tilda Swinton is their boss/ma.

Or one for the Nintendo nerds:

Hannah as Dark Samus/Metroid Prime or SA-X
:smiley: :+1:

(EDIT: The artist has worded that a bit weirdly eh?)


It’s true - my opinions on the MCU shows are almost always incorrect.

(FWIW - Absolutely loved Wandavision, Loki, Mook Knight, and about half of What If. The rest range from the nearly good (Falcon & Winter Soldier), to the actively bad (Ms Marvel after the first 2 eps).)

Ha ha, I think we have just frequently had very different opinions on the shows and films and (iirc) you seem to be somewhat binary on them with them being shit or fine no in-betweens :grinning:.

Pretty sure Maoams has no interest in MCU so maybe he’ll hate S2 of TL like you.

I liked S2


And it sets up the villain of S3 nicely


I have not

Will do, thanks for the tip!

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