Ted Lasso

I’m no sports fan but I do often enjoy sports themed doccos (eg Drive to Survive, The Last Dance) or dramas (eg Friday Night Lights film/TV) even if I end it still knowing very little about the sport in question

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I quite like the Ted Lasso character but am ambivalent or dislike pretty much everything else about the show.

In saying that I’ll probably give S3 a go at least before deciding whether to continue on with it or not.

I think one of the side-reasons I like Ted Lasso is that it’s such a ridiculous interpretation of what Premiere League soccer is actually like, and probably enrages so many people because of that.


S3 is supposed to be the last, although they love saying that sort of thing

That was the bit I wasn’t so hot on. The setup felt a bit off for me. Still, should be fun.

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I like it. Seems pretty popular with my American colleagues/students as well.

One :grimacing: moment, which I think it was season 1 was when two British characters talked about the “parking lot”

The original NBC Premier League ad which first introduced the Ted Lasso character highlights everything I like about the concept without any of the additional faff.


“yes and no”

Love it

Heartwarming, funny, absolutely accurate depiction of London and how football goes

Yeah s2 wasn’t as good but still excellent viewing

Inspired Jason Sudeikis GIF by Apple TV+


The end of that clip also sets up:
“Ted Lasso: Aussie Rules” and “Ted Lasso: Peil Ghaelach”
:smiley: :+1:

I like Sudekis but this show bored me to death. I will check out Schitt’s Creek thanks to @Caedus so the visit to this thread wasn’t a total loss (although I’ve just started Seinfeld so it will be a while)

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Hate it. Thanks!


I honestly loved it. Thought it looked absolutely rubbish beforehand :smiley: Fell in love with the characters though and it generally kept a high standard. perfect for 20 odd minutes light relief. I hope you enjoy it!

(i too like Sudekis but yeah, not quite getting this yet)


Watched 3 maybe 4 episodes when everyone was going on about it being great.

It was terrible!

But I hope you all enjoy your bad show.

I’ve just finished s2 today. It’s a pleasant enough diversion, however I did get annoyed by the use of the word ‘tie’ rather than draw.

Thought I’d hate it but it’s nice, non snarky and has some fun silly jokes I’ve used from time to time (“that guy is a tee pee and a wigwam… too tense!”) it’s an easy watch, not everything can be as full on as Succession or something.

Looking forward to the new series.



Watched the first three episodes of season 2 now and did they change all the writers or something? It’s almost unrecognisable,just pure schmaltz and none of the redeeming features. Quite shocked at the difference tbh

It’s very good so far. Catherine O’Hara is just the best. “shhh my foot is a sleep”