Ted Lasso

She’s next level in it. Incredible performance

welcome to wrexham is great, and you get the added bonus of seeing my old flat whenever they do the aerial shots of the ground


Some excellent thread creating, right here. Just 24 hours before s3 was announced :ok_hand:t2:


Lets Go Shout GIF by Apple TV+


3 episodes into Bill Lawrence’s/Brett Goldstein’s Shrinking and I’m enjoying it a lot more than Ted Lasso.

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the ads to this looked awful, but I like the sound of the wiki summary

where does it sit on the comedy-to-drama scale?

Probably a bit more comedy leaning but not full of laughs either.

A dark-ish comedy centred around grief.is very much my kind of thing so I’m not overly surprised I’m enjoying it.

The pilot isn’t great but probably gives a decent indication of what to expect going forward.

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Ok, so season 2 does get better again as it goes on, but it’s definitely not as good, and veers into soap opera terrain a few times.

Why was Nate so angry at the end there though? During his way OTT rant, he threw in a couple of things that I don’t think had even been mentioned before? That character turn just felt shoehorned to fit the idea of West Ham having some beef in the next season. That beard solo episode was the best by far, could do with more tangents like that.

The writing sometimes feels like it’s being done on the fly, some big cliffhanger or suggestion of massive drama coming soon / next episode, then at the start of next episode it goes absolutely nowhere and someone says something to fizzle it out completely. It’s like they proactively don’t want any real tension in it whatsoever.

Liked it enough to be back for season 3 next month, for sure.


Liked S1, hated S2. In the first season, Lasso’s positivity was a good contrast to the other characters but in the second, he’s won them all round and it’s all schmaltz. That Christmas episode was particularly awful.

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Interesting that the Beard After Hours bottle episode is one of the most popular. Only came to be because Apple order an extra two episodes midway through Season 2 production after the success of the first season.

Sometimes the restrictions of a bottle episode can lead to something so much better than the standard offering.


Psychoville’s Rope-inspired bottle episode when the BBC ordered an extra episode was always a favourite for me (and got me to watch Rope)

Yeah, your spoilered bit is my big issue:

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What a weirdly low rent trailer, unless that was the point.

Spent some money booking away grounds

Did anyone watch the first episode of season 3 yet? I haven’t personally, but will probably do so sometime this week.

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Weird seeing this scene out of context, kind of a reminder that the writing on the show is all over the place. Feels like the scene was always written to be cut out like this, but aside from the general vibes of cheese, feels a bit incongruous to the series on the whole.

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I think, as with basically all these big US comedy shows, there is a lot of character arc pay-off stuff. This was an important culmination to a lot of character stuff so even though it was corny as fuck and invoked such a worn cliché it worked as a viewer when you’d watched up to that.

No real difference to me than with something like Friends using “we were on a break”, which is shit but when you were into the show that kind of cheap callback worked in a way that makes no sense.

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S1 was a 3 nil win in a cup tie at home in the sun
S2 was a 0-0 in the rain in Carlisle.