Ted Lasso

The new ep was ok. Some good bits but it feels like it’s done, that season 1 was lighting in a bottle and season 3 is just them limping to the finish line. Pity, but it might get better. I really hope it does.

Watched about 15 mins of the first ep of S3 and turned it off. Weird how something I enjoyed so much is S1 now turns my stomach. Like overindulging in cheese cake or something.


Colleague just told me one of the 20ish year old characters says ‘what’s a cd’ in the new series and that’s me out.

Got angry enough at an episode of My Family when i was 10 cos the son didnt know what a record was

There’s a lot of it about.

I spoke to a 21 year old colleague about it and she said its bullshit. Of course theyd know what a cd is. Theyre in tesco, theyre in cars, they’re like dvds, their parents probably used them. Its nonsense


My 8yo doesn’t know what a CD is, which is fair enough, but a 21yo was 10 in 2012 for fucks sake

Spotify had been out a few years by then

can’t believe a sitcom might exaggerate for comedic effect.

awful behaviour


Yeah, it’s not like showing them a 8-track.

A what?

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Three years. And as if they never think, ‘huh what did people use before this’ and CDs are still a common cultural motif thing.

Football centre of excellence kids live in a bubble

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creepy but instagram just put a video in my feed of somebody playing a korn CD on a hello kitty cd player

the poster was 16


holy shit

I thought it was better than season 2, but yeah, very much should have just been a one-season and done.

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I mean it’s stupid now and S1 was so great. But, it’s heart warming and funny and you know what you’re going to get.

Love them all.


Dani Rojas saying “fuck off Trent Crimm!” was very funny

Chris Powell might be the best bit of series 3 so far

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Started in on S3.

EP 1 was poor but had chunk of laughs in EP 2.

However, making each episode 50 mins instead of 30 shows they’re emphasising the drama over the comedy and you feel the bloat, IMO