TED Talks

TED Talks change our world, revolutionise our lives and improve society on a fundamental level. Millions of free videos discussing every topic you can think of, with new ways of healing the world, improving yourself and exploring ideas.

This thread is for sharing your favourite examples of these, and perhaps when you share a link, also share a sentence or two describing why you think it’s worth watching or what you liked about it particularly.

Let’s do this team, let’s save the world.

hate when i get suckered into watching one with a click-baity title

they’re always shite


Only ever watched one. It was about the rights of sex workers, and it was pretty bloody brilliant, to be fair.

are we including tedx as well?

On Apple TV they have a TED channel which is pretty neat. If I’m at a loose end I’ll scroll through and watch something on it. Watched all of Rory Sutherland’s talks recently. Pretty decent.

Obviously there’s a fair bit that’s quite irritating about them and how they’re presented etc. But overall they are A Good Thing for sure.

Had about 15 bookmarked for several years. Will never get round to watching them. The only one I’ve sat through is Rodney Mullen’s.

what’s the difference

First time I watched one was in work, and it was some bellend talking about how companies could learn from Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement how to get people to buy into what you do, and in turn increase growth.

Have avoided them like the plague ever since.

ted talks are organised by ted themselves, tedx are a sort of franchise version that are independently organised and hosted under the ted branding, basically

“what a 15-year-old meth addict taught me about leadership” (a genuine tedx talk)

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maybe i’ve just seen a couple of tedx ones then, cause they were baws

yeah, some of the tedx ones are absolutely mental.

hilariously, my ex’s aunt, who is into loads of mad ‘meta health’ (cure cancer with the power of positive thought and a little glowing box that you wave around in front of your face sort of stuff) nonsense had one rejected from her local tedx event for being too nuts, which takes some doing

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yeah I know he does, it’s the whole premise of the film tbh


Theres a TEDxClapham now.


They’re a bit wanky and whoopy and self-congratulatory but the one or two I’ve been made to watch have been fairly interesting.

Their quality varies greatly and depends on the presenter. Often quite smug but can be making more academic subjects accessible which is a good thing.

Load of shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite.


Yeah, I generally avoid these ted talks, as everything about them makes my poo itch - but I have a new podcast app that’s been going wild with suggestion notifications & that one popped up that I couldn’t not click on.

To be fair to the guy, he’s talking about his time as a teacher on the drug addiction wing of a juvenile corrections facility, and how you can encourage behavioural change by engaging someone from their perspective rather than trying to impose your own - so it’s not as off as it may seem from the outset.

I saw one once that told me how to tie shoelaces the “right” way. That was very useful and I still tie my laces that way

can’t remember any others/ never click on them now