TED Talks

I’ve seen the one about the wind powered sculptures that scuttle around the beach, and one with someone talking about how people with prosthetic limbs are gonna be our cyborg overlords. Both decent.

aye, probably was a bit quick to be dismissive - but I reckon that’s what the format encourages too

there are a couple of people who are at least usually interesting, whose ted/tedx talks were pretty bad, so I assume they pretty much deliberately make them terrible

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Yeah, I know a couple of people who’ve given TEDx talks and it’s not that they weren’t good as such, but definitely not of the standard I generally expect of ‘proper’ TED talks. Recorded in provincial hotels, much lower production values etc etc

Generally can’t stand them, but quite frequently put on the Neon Indian one if I want a proper chuckle:

‘When I was 11 I took it upon myself to immerse myself in Stanley Kubrick’s catalogue’

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I use these two with classes. I am broadly in favour of :bear: and :bear:x.

Ted talks are a very teachery thing, seen quite a lot on insets and staff meetings etc, quite good if they’re specific to education, a bit patchy a lot of the time though

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i’ve seen a few here and there. probably depends on who’s doing them and they’re probably often quite usefully accessible intros to certain topics or whatever, but there’s something about that whole fluffy pop-science/pop-psychology etc sort of vibe about them that i find very irritating for some reason and i’m not even really sure why. there’s just something about the ones i’ve seen that really evoke the feeling of being stuck on a shit away-day at work

actually a few months ago i got roped into helping out at ‘Culture Day’ at work, to get out of doing proper work for a couple of hours. i had to man the ‘digital room’ for a bit, basically pressing play on a couple of TED talks on youtube if anyone showed up.

one was about cultural diversity and one was about unconscious bias, important subjects but didn’t feel greatly different from the kind of shite training you do on this stuff at work, only a bit more fluffy, like when work gets the ‘fun’ trainer in. 2 people turned up to the first session and nobody turned up to the second so i just spent the rest of the time devouring a bowl of sweets and stealing pens, then had to help move some tables about for a bit.

couple of weeks later i got handed £20 of vouchers for helping out, which i spent on Woody Guthrie’s autobiography and a book about krautrock. goes to show that TED talks are quite shit but they can lead to great things if you harness the right opportunities at the right times.

this concludes my TED talk, thanks for listening.


Think theyre all dreadful and neoliberal


“The crowd is angry. They require graphs to live and this is not a graph at all.”

They should all be hosted by a man called Ted Fox

Still think these are bollocks

Or is that the point?

for this one, definitely yeah

I think in principle they are good. But cant stand them for a multitude of reasons.