Tedious (and yet somehow fascinating) Email Query

I just discovered that people are receiving emails from my Gmail account with a photo icon that doesn’t appear in any of my Gmail settings.

I tried to change my Google photo to see if a refresh would do the trick but it hasn’t. Curiously although it’s accepted my new image in the main profile it’s still showing the last one up in the top right corner (perhaps this will change over the next 24 hours). However neither of these images are showing in the emails that people are receiving. They’re getting my daughter’s dog, an image I might have used at some point ten plus years ago, but now can’t find anywhere.

Any ideas?

I’ve checked the photo in Google Settings, Google+ and Contacts and now out of ideas…

Turn google off an on again. Or put it in rice idk.

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I’ll try both those things.

Can I come back to you if that does’t work?

Thanks. I found someone with a similar issue on a Google forum. None of the suggested solutions worked for me.

stop sending people emails


Can’t really argue with that.

alert people to this in your email signature

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“The dog you’re looking at isn’t the image I want you to see. Just wanted you to know that. Ta, saps”


(hi saps, sorry I can’t help)


it used to be that you had to sign into fucking google+ and change it there before it would update on your other sites but does google+ even fucking exist anymore? god, google are shit at this kind of thing.

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Sorry no.

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Marry me!


@Saps - have you tried here? https://aboutme.google.com/u/0/?referer=gplus

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Thanks but yes, I have.

My new photo is sitting proudly there.

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I had a very similar issue this morning. Was at the dentists for a check up. The dentist wanted to get a second opinion on whether I needed some work done, and the first thing the second dentist said when he came in was “Why do you have Mr Bean as an avatar?” Absolutely no idea how that has managed to go far enough to pop up on a dentists records for me.