Tedious computer help query

Hi all. So I have a PC running Windows 10 connected to my TV screen at home. It’s run fine for years but as of yesterday it isn’t showing the whole screen, the last few centimetres on each edge of the screen are being cut off.

I’ve been into settings and it says “your resolution is lower than 1920 x 1440. Some items might not fit on your screen.”

It then says "resolution 1920. X1080 (recommended) but there isn’t any opportunity to make the resolution any higher than this or the one that it says I should have.

I’m totally baffled, any help gratefully received.

just buy a slightly bigger telly.

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Have you accidentally changed some setting on your tv so it’s zoomed in? Is it on auto?

While we’re here. @1101010 what were you saying about the inbox app? Regular gmail one is doing my nut in.

It’s on 16 9 which is the same as it always was

Any programs which might have changed your graphics output? 1920x1440 is quite odd. Reinstall your graphics driver?

Haven’t changed anything at all. Only normally use it for iTunes. Will have a look

There’s a Gmail app called Inbox

It mirrors going to http://inbox.gmail.com

But… hmm. How is it better?

Try changing your TV resolution/display settings rather than pc…

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What kind of graphics card do you have? If it’s Intel have you tried using Intel Graphics Properties rather than the windows tool?

Well it’s different. I seem to remember you saying Gmail was running very slowly so really it was just to check if this ran less sluggishly, which might be because it was newer and better designed.

I prefer the way it works now but it took a bit of getting used to.

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This is the answer!

I assumed because I had never changed it from 16 9 that it was still 16 9. Did not factor in my wife accidentally changing it.

In summary : the TV was changed by the TV


Hanging my head in shame even as I type