Tedious purchases you're currently researching

Thinking about getting a laserjet colour printer.

Vaguely considering one of those automatic vacuum cleaner things (rhoomba?) but even the thought of researching them is boring me.


Heated clothes airer.

I’ve got you covered, pal. I’m getting this one:

We can be non-union Mexican equivalent roomba buddies!

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That’s all the research I need.

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Just do this to liven it up:


The downside compared to the really expensive ones is that it’s not efficient at navigating rooms because it just uses IR to not bump into things, as opposed to the AI that the pricey ones use to map your house.

I dunno about you, but I just need my yuppy hoover to clean the fucking floor, not achieve sentience, so I’m fine with that.


Electric toothbrushes.

Mine got left behind in the bathroom of our holiday apartment (I am blaming my beloved for this since he was the one who had a shower just before our late check-out and therefore did the last sweep of the bathroom although when will I EVER learn to do a final check)?

I have some amazon vouchers to use up and am researching on amazon. It’s so boring though!!! I thought I had narrowed it down to one but the reviews failry regularly say that the battery drains within two days of being charged which seems ot be a recurrent fault with the model, OMG I AM BORING MYSELF TO DEATH WI|TH THIS.

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have you seen the youtube clip/ meme of when it goes over the dog poo?

Oh yeah, I need a new electric toothbrush. There are far too many to choose from, and every fucking time I go to look at them I get about one sentence into the first review of the first one I look at and have to close the tab before I am literally bored to death.

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Anything that cleans up a decent amount of the 4 tons of dog hair that collects around the flat daily will do me.

I chose mine because it’s purple. That was literally it.

Sunshine Lamp

My dog is really old so this is unfortunately a real possibility (if you happen to be my landlord please note this is a joke).

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Don’t buy them full price - they get massively discounted in the sales!

this is not tedious enough for this thread

if you were thinking about buying a raspberry PI so you can emulate every console ever made you would qualify


Take it to the “really exciting purchases you’re currently researching” thread please.


yes I do! I don’t use it for the light anymore (my partner didn’t like it) but it’s in our son’s room and used as a white noise machine (the white noise is goooood).

When I used it for light I liked it.

If you have proper SAD though then you may also need a more heavy duty lightbox.

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Oh god I’m fucking dying here

The costume is the cherry on the top


Where? What sales? Do you mean January? I can’t wait till then, it’s already been nearly a month and my teeth look urgh.