Tedious purchases you're currently researching

of course!

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If you don’t, eric inevitably will.

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This is the Poocopalypse I was thinking of-

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New phone.

I don’t really care about phones. So long as Spotify works and the camera isn’t a complete piece of shit I’m happy. But I know the upgrade phones Vodafone are offering won’t be worth the money they’re asking, because they’re a horror of dicks, so I’m gonna have to research things as a matter of principle. Annoying.

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I can smell the picture of the underside of the Roomba.


I reckon you’d be fine with any sale. No need to wait. I’ve got no idea when sales are though. Are there Autumn Sales?

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It’s just horrifying.

We don’t have a pet, unless you count a 2.5 year old boy as a pet, but the cleaner would at any given time have to navigate 17 different colours of play-doh, moana’s shells, moana’s haircomb, a mechanical tiger cub, 4 billion flapjack crumbs, and so on. NO POINT. I will have a clean house again in about ten years. It’s fine.

Solar panels, energy bills and the current FIT system.

Reusable coffee cup

Come at me DiS


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Think Amazon have pretty much daily toothbrush sales.

I got this mutha and it is good. Might have got it a tenner cheaper in a sale. Cannae remember.

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Yeah, but his … needs … will probably be different to yours.


espag window handles

It’s @anon32406580 and we have very similar needs: to have smooth shiny teeth.

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I need a beanie or other sensible winter hat.

And I can’t wait to rub it all over my willy, obvs.

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Dentists tend to recommend Oral B. When mine packs in, this is the one I’m probably going to get. Has a flashy red light that tells you when you’re pressing too hard (which I probably tend to).

The questions and answers on here are excruciating. “Does the toothbrush have bluetooth connectivity?” :expressionless:


These modern brushes are too powerful. Would have taken the bell straight off my sensitive length.


Can you share your research with me once you’re done, ta? I’m just about to finish decorating my home office and I need one to complete the whole WFH pretence ahem.

Sofabeds for me. Unless something jumps out soon will be a blind ikea lucky dip.