Tedious purchases you're currently researching

I think this is the one that is currently languishing in a lost & found (bin) in Menorca.

this was @epimer re colour printer.

Evangelion Typing Challenge!

‘We’ve got the much sought-after licence to Neon Genesis Evangelion! What kind of game shall we make?’

‘How about fucking Mavis Beacon with robots?’


So far all I’ve learned is that the Xerox Phaser 6x series ones are good for low volume printing of e.g. bootleg penoid cards, if that’s at all relevant to your home office printing needs.

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i spent ages on amazon yesterday trying to decide between 15mm pedal spanners and then just bought the cheapest one

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With reference to me slagging off Three in another thread

Part of the reason I never left is because I also needed a new phone, and researching both phones and networks and tariffs is just SO BORING

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I have two - One to live at work, and one to take out and about with me at home.

This is the one for out and about:

Here’s the one that lives at work:

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Cheapest one? Surely the rule of thumb is to buy the second cheapest one?

It’s painful isn’t it? The gf used to just call up when her contract ended and essentially say, “GIMME A GOOD PHONE I’LL PAY ANYTHING!” I used to mock her - a dozen techradar reviews later I envy her.

I just stuck with Apple in the end, got the “best” model I could for my budget.

The thought of slogging through reviews for numerous mid-range Androids…

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That’s only for wine and TripAdvisor.

I thought wine was the exception to that rule. Hang on…

Something to do with people not wanting to appear cheap, so buying the second cheapest wine, so the restaurants putting the biggest markup on those. Google “second cheapest wine” and there are loads of results

That’s exactly what I’m doing. All of which seem to say, “it’s pretty good for the money - but it’s not the best.” WELL WHAT IS THE BEST THEN YOU TURBOSHITS?


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some in boots or was it superdrug a few days ago that were discounted by 50%

the best one is one with a nice long handle - i Have this one

annoyingly you can use a pedal spanner with fewer and fewer pedals these days

the actual cheapest one seemed to be available only as an ‘add on’ - whatever that is - so had to go for the other one. i’m not particularly sure i’m going to be able to get the pedals off my old bike anyway as they’ve been on their years, so didn’t wanna outlay too much cash as I’ll probably end up paying someone else to do it professionally .

Researching buying a bike, which I don’t think is boring. However, some of the bike accessories I also need to research are very dull.

I’m a big fan of “Up to 100% plaque removal.” You wouldn’t want it removing any more than that.


I did a lot of research on this and settled on the Moto G5 - around £120. Very happy with it - I’ve never owned a super-expensive smartphone, but it does whatever I seem to need it to do.