Teebsday Evening Thread

Good evening, it’s Tuesday night and I’m at Tebay. Weather’s minging, just had the smallest portion of mac and cheese you’ve ever seen.

How about you huns?


Just been waitrose. Got crispy prawns and sticky rice. :yum:

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Tebay is tomorrow’s yesterday.

Hope the weather improves hun.

It’s medium grim here, mainly just chilly and drizzly.

Had an early dinner of small food and am going to have dinner II in an hour.

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better believe it’s bath time for bam bam!


Making Mac cheese for dinner.

Going home tomorrow so had an excellent Canterbury based day today including the cathedral where I purchased the best Christmas decoration…

Look at his little face!

Then it’s a g and t can with GBBO.


Evening laelfs, sorry to hear about your mac and cheese.

Looking at undergrad courses- had a chat with someone today and didn’t realise there’s actually nothing stopping me doing one. Sort of assumed if I applied they’d be like “absolutely not, stupid girl” but apparently that’s not always the case. Dunno. Very confused now. It wouldn’t be until next year anyway, and I’m studying other stuff in the meantime and would happily do more cause I really enjoy it and am lucky enough to be able to just study but IDK. So many options. Too many.


What can you rocking?

What sort of subject kermy. Exciting!!!

Sludge beer
Hanging up washing
Booking cinema tickets

Actually an exciting night ngl

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Look how stupid my hair/face is!

I love it


Thanks! I dunno, that’s the thing- there’s so many that I’m interested in!
I’ve finished one level three thing (which is an a level equivalent) , that was health and social care, and now I’m doing psychology and politics- the politics is just for fun though, I don’t want to do that as a career (couldn’t anyway, there’s far too much evidence of me breaking the law). But I was also looking at doing sociology as an A-Level when I’ve finished one of these, so I dunno. Social sciences maybe??

What did you do?


Just ordered a kebab.

Was gonna go out for a meal earlier, but weather is too shit. So having that instead.

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bet it was about £12 as well #tebay

Made pumpkin pie, wearing a cosy jumper, squeezed an episode of Gilmore Girls in when M was playing, carved a Cat Bus pumpkin. Autumnwatch starts at 8 tonight. Ultimate Autumn.


that looks incredible


Woof that looks absolutely fit mate :heart_eyes::drooling_face:


Starting a new job tomorrow, so obviously I have ordered a takeaway as a reward.


First time round, popular music with drama.
Second time around… Advertising and marketing.

It was a toss up between the second and cybersecurity and part of me always wishes I’d done cybersec instead.

Also applied to Cambridge to study primary teaching hahahahaha what a laugh

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Also applied and got into the college of law but never went through with it.

Lotus biscuit for scale