I need some new tee shirts, but everywhere I used to buy from either has nothing I like or has closed. Where’s good for tee shirts these days? (hopefully Threadless isn’t still everyone’s stock answer - I never understood what the fuss was with them)

All purpose spring/summer clothes thread

Enjoying a plain t shirt more and more these days


often times wear pyjama t-shirts out. they fit better.


I like t-shirts with designs on to distract attention away from my body shape




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It’s actually pointing at his belly button

ooh wonder whats wrong with it?
do you reckon its an outy?
or its got loads of fluff?


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Oh! Wow, I made a massive faux pas, so sorry, don’t know what that says about me.

Probably an outy. Probably bigger than his penis, tbf.


bit unkind you two.

it’s only a bit of banter.


Is that what you call it


I’ve got a fair few tees off this site. Movie inspired designs, some more obscure than others.



Uniqlo’s UT range normally has some very nice stuff along with some very shite stuff (they’ve currently got a line of Minions shirts for adults), I’ve got a ton of stuff from there that always gets compliments



The wave one is really nice … and out of stock. DAMN! But some of the other Japanese ones are pretty cool.




Same question but for Big Boys™

Uniqlo don’t make clothes for fatties, the fuckers. LastExit has some good stuff though (if you’re the kind of gimp that wears film-inspired graphic tees, which I totally am)


hate when I find a nice white or black t-shirt only to discover much to my horror and surprise that there’s a stupid pink stripe running around the arms or “New York G-crew” stitched onto the boob pocket or something.