Teen Boss


What fresh hell is this?

Youtube Vloggers

was hoping this was going to be about how you suspect some kind of vincent adultman situation going on with your employer, bit disappointed


better than Boss Baby I guess


I was hoping that this was going to be about a sequel to the smash hit comedy film, Boss Baby.


you spent so long typing I managed to get there first


anyone referring to themselves as a [something] boss now is, almost exclusively, a proper nothin.


Is that a magazine? Surely the kids don’t read magazines.


Love his follow up to this


sort of person who brands their own made up platitudes and shares them to the benefit of no one but a fragile ego


seems to be - it’s all very odd


This is the magazine equivalent of “this single mum makes £6176.45 a month from home with this AMAZING trick”, only for children. Which is pretty reprehensible.


Boss baby is the name of a film


what the fucking fuck


  • How to build your brand by being you!
  • JoJo Siwa’s insider tips from the top.
  • Allan Maman and Cooper Weiss on their fidget spinner empire.
  • Ally and Taylor Frankel’s “no makeup” makeup Nudestix is a hit!
  • 11 year old twin DJs Amira and Kayla.
  • Ari Lopez’s dancewear line Kandi Kouture.
  • Jessie Paege’s guide to making it on YouTube.
  • Sister-preneurs Sydney and Toni: Kickstarter helped launch our business [Poketti]!
  • A day in the life of Jessica Kirke, owner and director of The Craft Pottery.
  • Zandra is proving you can be a #Girlboss at any age!
  • Emma Johnson’s off the chain idea.
  • Sisters Brittney and Gabrielle’s beauty line, Frosting Company.
  • How Madeline Stuart is changing the fashion world – for the better!
  • Teen Boss inspiration awards!
  • JJ Ramberg wants you to succeed!
  • Erik Finman’s tutoring website Botangle.
  • How Chelsea Crockett built her brand from the ground up.
  • Alexandra Chang is a girl on a mission.
  • Karina Garcia’s squishy idea.
  • Sallie Krawcheck advises: How to fund your biggest dreams.
  • BFFs Brandon Iverson and Jordan Williams’ online store youngmogulsbrand.com is taking over!


Boss Baby is the name of an Academy Award nominee


Mary j blige?


No thanks, I’ve just eaten


On first impressions I think this might not be for us, per se.


Would be interested in hearing your second and third impressions as well if possible?

  • For idiot dickhead children
  • None of my business


Thank you