Teen Singer Songwriter, Wacko Menace. Any Advice for me?

Hey guys!

I’m Wacko Menace, a 14 year old singer songwriter.
I just released my first single so I am obviously quite new to the industry.
I wondered if you could just take a moment out of your way to listen to my song and give so some advice about ow to progress from here in any way.
Thank You and I hope you enjoy!

My YouTube Promo Video link:

My Soundcloud link:

Wacko Menace

Pretty good, reminds me a bit of Everything Everything! Welcome to the boards!

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Thanks, I haven’t actually heard that. I’ll check it out now!

I really liked the outro, reminiscent of early Aphex Twin. Not massively sold on the vocals which seemed quite high in the mix?

Nevertheless it’s a hell of a lot better than anything I was capable of at 14. Good luck to you


Thank you so much. That great advice! I guess i’m still working out how to mix a song to its full potential but hopefully i’m getting there. Thanks!

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