teenage band names

Let me see that cong, baby. Cong-c-conga eel





Turns out there’s a currently active Glasgow-based metalcore band called Tunguska. No relation. Arguably even worse than we were (sorry if anyone’s pals are in them)

we were shite too don’t worry

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First band I ever started was called The $ell-Outs. The dollar sign was very important and nothing was more jarring than promoters substituting it with an S.

We weren’t actually that bad imo


Liquid Jeffrey.

We were shite.


sounds like something out of the Viz profanisaurus


Probably was. It was a bunch of NOFX-loving teenage boys, who then roped me in to drum for their first (and I believe only) gig for a student assembly or something.

The first band I was in were called King Heavydog. We did a variety of alternative/ indie covers and played three gigs.


This cannot be topped.

so many…

The Shan

sounded like RHCP, every gig I’d take my trombone out of its case and someone would ask if we were a ska punk band. We weren’t and got fed up of this so started responding by saying “fuck off mate, we play trumpet-rock”

Mr Beat & The Ghetto Grooves

Bedroom hip hop project, bits were total shit (my rapping, all the lyrics) and some bits were quite good (the hooks and rapping by the singer from The Shan)

The Racing Snakes

Indie band, formed after The Shan broke up, named after the vibrator that was on sale in the men’s toilets of the Railway Inn, Winchester. We’d purchased one when playing there in The Shan.

Parcel Force

With former DiSer melesmeles, was good fun.

Ali Fresh and the Tic Tacs

I only played two gigs on keyboards then got dropped cos I hadn’t been able to learn the songs properly. Can’t remember if the Tic Tacs bit was dropped from the name before or after those gigs. A version of the band played at a mates wedding a few years ago which was lovely.

Prog Sessions

Not sure we had a proper name, but we produced about 3 hours of prog jams in the music tech studio at college. Didn’t really do much work for my music tech A level but those sessions were a great time. Started as 3 of us, and then over the remaining 18 months we had at the college we gradually roped more people in, so by the time of the final session we were a 6 piece.


A local battle of the bands was advertised in the music block at school. It was organised by a local church, had to send in a CD, then they selected who got to play at a local village hall.

I’d been making music on my computer, using general midi sounds. Essentially, the tunes sounded like early cheap ringtones. I decided to send in a CD to find out what would happen.

The name came when we learnt the word in a GCSE biology lesson.

Incredibly, we were chosen to play at the gig despite me not having a band. The organiser said they liked the electronica vs the rest of the entries being rock bands.

I got a few people to say they’d play with me, then one by one they dropped out as it became clear that we had no hope of being able to actually perform the ringtone tunes I’d written.

On the night it was just me and one guy who’d taken piano lessons, but had no experience of performing or playing with other people. He was one of my best friends at the time and I am forever glad it was two of us on stage cos our performance on the night was completely rubbish and clearly taking the piss.

The battle of the bands ended up being won by someone who was in the church choir and sung to a backing track, which was clearly a fix when there’d been several bands who played live quite well.


Dunno what the name of the group was but quite a funny story. When I was at college I left my trombone in Winchester high street and two uni students found it.

To cut a long story short, it was at their mates house. They asked if I could play it so I smashed out star wars while standing in the garden. They noticed I was quite good and said it would be sick if I could play trombone in their group. One of them did spoken word stuff while the other weird synth noises I think. So I went to their house for a couple of band practises, one of the times my mum picked me up and gave them a massive box of biscuits as thanks for being honest when they’d found the trombone. They were delighted, as all students are when given free snacks.

I ended up being unable to play the gig they had booked cos I had some kind of dental problem and couldn’t play trombone that weekend. What was nice was that for the next few years, especially after I turned 18 I used to bump into them in Winchester pubs and have a chat cos they were nice lads. Got one of them a pint when I saw him about 3 years ago as a thanks.

Pretty mad remembering how much music stuff I did when I was a teenager. This is only the rock/pop bands I played in, was in shit loads of brass bands, orchestras etc. as well

this post is way long eh


The Spy Machine
The Electric Fuck Off

Still stand by both of those


Only good-shit one I was in was Aldous Fucksley

The rest were dull as hell


The Red Mournings.

An American metal band has since stolen the name :rage:

I was only 10 at the time but


Yahoo Sunshine :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :gun:


I feel like I saw cisco in the aquarium! At a battle of the bands or something? Southend area?

Was it a ska punk thing?

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just remembered that when I first got a drum kit my mate thought we could form a band called Shed Zeppelin… which MUST be a tribute band somewhere

was a band at a mates school called Kane and Disabled

Wrapped in Plastic

Had a school band that could never decide on a name but at various points was called ANARCHY and DUALITY.