Teenage bedrooms

Inspired by @avocado - what was yours like?

At one stage of my life I had the cover of the Muse album “Absolution” muraled on my bedroom wall.

Thank you for reading this excruciating fact.


Hand-painted? To what level of competence?

Small, had one of those ladder beds throughout cause otherwise I wouldn’t have room for owt else. Good memories of playing Silent Hill 2 on the little CRT telly under the shadow of the bed on rainy days

Dunno how the keyboard and guitar fitted in there in retrospect

It’s a dinky spare room now and I’m in my sibling’s old room these daaaayyys


Hand painted by my older sister to quite a competent level. The man looking up looked a bit ropey but the shadows falling (or rising!) were good and the background was good also.


big marshall stack and an elder scrolls poster

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Very much Kerrang-influenced. Slipknot, At The Drive-In and Sona Fariq (who!?) posters

I spray painted a knock-off Converse trainer gold and tied it to my curtain rail.

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So hard to beat

  • I had tall bed
  • just a regular height bed :frowning:

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Up until I was 13 I had Dennis the Menace wallpaper in my room because my parents had, years earlier, turned down the idea of Man Utd wallpaper because it was “just a phase”

Was definitely more likely to still love the Beano as a teen than to love “football” according to my Mum and Dad…



I had pictures of girls in bikinis on my walls

I had 3:
12-13 Rented house- landlord let us paint, so because it was 1997 me and my mum painted it sunflower yellow, and ragrolled a different shade of yellow. I got a set of sun and moon bedsheets (still going strong as guest sheets these days), and hung up some market stall antique gold effect sun and moon ornaments which the cat kept stealing.
13-14- mum bought a flat which needed a lot of work doing. I took the second bedroom, painted it green, put up loads of posters. After the first winter it became abundantly clear that the heating didn’t work properly in that room.
14-18- so I took the box room (which I had originally wanted, but my mum said why not take the bigger room) and painted it purple. Unlike the rest of the house, the floorboards were in bad condition and couldn’t be bare, so my dad came over and helped me do a laminate floor.

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almost certainly smelled really bad.

A decent size for a teenage bedroom I’d say. Dark blue wallpaper.

This poster, but huge, from wall to ceiling:

some other posters I remember having:

Had a walk-in cupboard thing and the door was coated in stuff I’d cut out of NME, looked a bit like this:

A real collage, mostly with bands I’d never actually listened to.

Also had a couple of posters of some ‘WWF Divas’ at some point.

Other than the walls, it was just scattered indie music magazines, CDs (so so many CDs), my big old desktop computer, my bed, a globe, and probably some crusty socks.

Don’t miss it, I love that my room smells nice these days.


having re-watched Skins recently I can see that my bedroom is a total cliche of what a teenager’s bedroom would look like. bit embarassing.

Had an amazing attic bedroom for a couple of years before my parents moved and then just ended up in a tiny soulless box room. Never really had any chance to personalise anything. Probably for the best really.

This, pretty much. Having a creaking, inaccessible bed was really great for my teenage sex life.

I was never cool. Mine didn’t really change much from when I wasn’t a teen, TBH. Didn’t have any posters really…don’t particularly remember anything in it that screamed ‘teenager’.

Now you’ve got me thinking…

Ah here in fact is the sun and moon duvet used as a throw on the old sofa in my living room. In the square frame on the wall is the remains of a patchwork quilt my nan made which was on my bed from aged 14 to a few years ago until it started to disintegrate.