Teenage Fanclub

I don’t know if anyone around here still has any interest in Teenage Fanclub - but they’ve announced a series of ‘The Creation Records Years’ gigs. Three consecutive nights in four locations. The first night will cover 91-93 (the really good stuff); the second night 94-97; and the final night 98-00.


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A set of Grand Prix/Northern Britain stuff would be amazing.


Saw them at the Barrowlands last year and they played most of the good stuff then :slight_smile:

Seems a good idea, but does mean they definitely won’t play Everything Flows or God Knows It’s True which is a shame.

Seriously tempted by this but not sure which show to hit up. As has been said the Grand Prix/Songs From… night will be amazing. But I’ve never really heard Thirteen stuff played live, so quite fancy that. Although I also went to the Bandwagonesque “Don’t Look Back” show, so have already heard that played in full. 98-00 seems a bit off, as it would only be Howdy stuff.

Might mention it to the missus, see if she’s interested.

Skipping the debut? Poor show.


Weirdly timely with the conversation in the other thread. I would pay good money to see a CE night.


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I am on holiday for the London shows, so would have to go to Manchester with train/hotel costs anyway…so not too fussed.

I’m really tempted for the season ticket, but I absolutely hate the Ballroom and can’t justify travel and hotel for another city.

What’s wrong with the Ballroom? Genuine question. I’ve only been there once, and it was about 20 years ago, so my memories are a little hazy.

I just rarely have a good time there.
I feel when it is sold out, the max capacity factors in all the areas where you can’t actually see the stage from, so it is always mad busy on the actual gig floor.

Teenage Fanclub and the Inevitable Vinyl Reissues:


I’m in for Songs For Northern Britain.

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As you should, it’s the best Teenage Fanclub album.

That’s right, I’m taking the pin out of that grenade and leaving it in the middle of the room.

I’m a bit hot taked out this week.

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It’s a wonderful album. Difficult to compare to Bandwagonesque as it’s very different to that and also to Grand Prix which sits half way between the two.

Not really going to comment on Thirteen or Howdy! as they’re not in the same league as the other three.

Thirteen is my favourite. There, I said it. I think it is their best. But they’ve never done anything without merit. Great band

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Wow. It’s not bad, and Radio is up there with my favourite singles, but I don’t think many would agree :slight_smile:

All signed copies gone. I thought it was great but I dare say loads have gone to flippers.

Agreed. Thirteen isn’t quite up there with what came immediately beforehand and afterwards. However, it does have Gene Clark, which automatically qualifies it as a great album alone.


Got a couple of tickets for the first Electric Ballroom show