Teenage rebellion

I was a fucking uncoool dweeb at school, until about 6th year when i just sacked it all of. would sack off classes that didn’t match with my gfs and stay at home shagging. she’d always make it to class (she was the head girl) but i’d sack them off. it seemed like if i wasn’t in school, no one cared and even better, as i was going out with her, i got in with all the teachers more and they just realised i wasn’t motivated because i’d already got into uni.

i then became an arrogant prick.

one physics class the teacher, who was also a guidy teacher, went away to deal with a suspension. so because we were bored, we started to play “floor is lava” and climb across the lab room on chairs, tables, and every time someone fell, they got to exclude another surface. on the final round, my mate fell and it was just me, and shouted “desks”, so i leap over to the window sill, opened the window and climbed out. i dreepsied down to the floor (it was just a bit over a full floor from the ground) and walked around the school back to the front door, only to meet my teacher. he was very puzzled.

other time my mate and i decided to finish compiling our advanced higher computer class program, so sacked of last period maths. went in the next day and the teacher told us to leave - she said “if you want to do computing more than maths, then don’t come back”. we just laughed, and met the maths head on the way down the stairs. he then tutored us, in secret, whilst he told our other teacher that we’d been barred. i still failed the class.

Sandals tho

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