Teeth cleaning

How’s your teeth cleaning game?

How many times a day?

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  • 2
  • More

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  • Every day
  • Regualrly
  • One in a while
  • Nah

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  • Before breakfast
  • After breakfast

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  • Leccy
  • Manual

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1.5, quite often skip the night time due to lazyness.

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Important question

Rinsing afterwards:

  • Yes - with water
  • Yes - with mouth wash
  • No - but I remove the excess toothpaste with toothbrush/water
  • No - I leave the toothpaste in my mouth for a bit

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  • Warm
  • Cold

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My oral hygiene game is at an all-time high after a brutal “not been for 4 years” dental appointment late last year. Interdental toothbrushes are the shit.


Just had a similar experience. Interdentaling the shit out of my teeth, switched to leccy. Once you get beyond the profuse bleeding its all good.

yeah, went electric too. As the famous saying goes: 'Once you go “where the hell am I going to balance this charger, there’s not enough slack”, you never go back. ’


Arm and Hammer is the best toothpaste on the game

I stopped using leccy several years ago when the dentist said I’d gone too far and fucked my enamel.

Also Balonz’s “tender length” didn’t help.

Did you know Armie Hammer (the actor) something something fact fact something?


  • Colgate
  • Sensodyne
  • Aquafresh
  • Arm & Hammer
  • MacCleans
  • Oral-B
  • Own brand
  • Other

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This, for me. After getting an extraction a month ago I’ve been cleaning it at least three times a day.

Haven’t been able to look a leccy toothbrush in the face since Balonz did that thread

My eldest got one for christmas. Naturally I took it off him and locked him in the coal cellar until boxing day until he learned the error of his ways.


Because of aforementioned enamel trauma.

Miraculously, I just needed 1 filling. But what prompted the appointment was that I thought I’d broken a tooth. Turns out what had actually happened was that tartar had built up so badly that a chunk of it fell off, and the bit where it had been just felt like a broken tooth. Fuckin’ grim.