Teeth gnashing

I hate being told ‘enjoy the rest of your day’ or ‘have a lovely weekend’ when someone has served me. I know it’s a nicety and is better than ‘fuck off’ but it just gets up my nose!

it’s quite a lot better than fuck off


Actually loled out loud at the thought of being served and then told to fuck off


thought this thread would be about teeth gnashing



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Not sure if it’s “teeth gnashing” but I hate being asked for my name in Starbucks (or similar). Usually just give a fake alias.

I’ve spoken about doing this in hairdressers too. There’s a theme developing

I assume the fake alias you use is wonton? Or is that your real name?

I say “have a nice day” when I say bye to people in shops. I die a little every time I do but I can’t seem to stop.


i really like it and find it puts me on a good footing to enjoy the rest of my day


I’ve noticed in shops nowadays the people serving you are often too friendly, commenting on how much the like the thing you are buying or that they’ve been meaning to read it, it’s nice if it’s genuine but it is so frequent that it must be store policy

Point taken.

I don’t like it when I get junk mail calling me by my first name.

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Teeth gnasher, teeth GNASHer


When a thread promises but doesn’t offer any amount of bruxism support


There’s a bookshop I go to quite a lot where one of the people will always make a slightly snarky comment about whatever I get. Yeah this book says its morally reprehensible on the front cover but please leave me alone

That’s good!

Basically is a policy. We have a service target that we have to hit, a KPI. It we fall below, that’s a KPI failed. The advisors get a bonus if they hit the service target for the quarter. Can obviously only speak for the business i work for mind.

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Tied into this the fact the high street is struggling and and there is no loyalty from customers any more, rightly so. It’s in our interest to make each transaction as memorable as possible, as it helps ensure repeat custom

Does it work though? When someone in a shop is genuinely friendly and interested it is nice, when it’s scripted it just doesn’t have the same effect. Guess it can’t hurt, and most people are less skeptics than me

It shouldn’t be scripted, and they should judge each customer individually. Not everyone requires a chat and just wants to get in and out, especially food customers.

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