Teeyousday thread 🧵🪡🧶

Director’s presentation in 20 minutes

Gonna be just great

Might go back to bed for the rest of the day after that

Hbu DiS?


6 hours of meetings today :neutral_face:

Just the one 4-hour meeting for me :rofl::crazy_face::disappointed_relieved::confused:

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Your assistant certainly doesn’t seem keen either


Happy friday everyone :partying_face:


Back to work after 10 days off. This is going to be fun

Good morning, I’m going to strip my hair of its darker dye today, trim it and ordered some olaplex to help so ill be running a bootleg salon from the bathroom today. I do this anyway to save money even when the hairdressers are open so it’ll be good :haircut_woman:t5:


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day



Still annoyed that I can’t find a good layout for my living / dining room now the radiators are in. Everything seems so out of place and awkward. I blame the TV mostly - almost making me reconsider my hatred of wall mounted TVs. Almost.

Talking of radiators, got my first electric bill since the central heating was installed and :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Need to phone up the company because it’s way higher than the estimate I was provided. Have turned it down to 16° but not sure how much 2° will actually save.

Lots of work to do before a meeting this afternoon so, of course, I’ve got a whopping great migraine.


Completely hit the wall this week

You had a decent innings - don’t be too hard on yourself.

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Anxiously walking to my dentist appointment :scream::cry:
I was on auto pilot and went the wrong way :woman_facepalming:t2: so now I’m even more anxious I’m going to be late too

Hope your presentation went well, @BodyInTheThames :raised_hands:

Morning all!

I had crumpets for breakfast. It is absolutely throwing down outside. I won’t be going for a lunchtime walk.

My afternoon plans are to get my class working on some timed activities that will allow me to play (finish?) Dishonoured.

I’m also buying a load of books because it’s payday.

I’m making a spinach and ricotta pie for tea with filo pastry.

Dreadful night. Took me ages to get to sleep. Kept waking up. At one point I couldn’t get Complicated by Avril Lavigne out my head. Shite

Morning party people

It’s not even half past nine and so far I’ve sent emails spelling peoples names wrong and with the wrong information included. Can I go back to bed and start again later?

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Our second to last night on the air mattress before we finally finish getting all our furniture in the new house on weds and it sprung a leak! Woke up at 3am because we were on the floor. Took the chance to call for some blood tests results as the nurses had encouraged me to call overnight as they’re there all the time - on hold for 25 mins and no answer! What a palaver!

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This has done me