Tegan and Sara

Probably a bit of a Marmite band for many. I’m a huge fan. Consistently great albums with pop song after pop song and always good live. Seeing them for maybe the 10th time at The Roundhouse tomorrow. Anyone else got a ticket for their current tour? Anyone else a fan?

I’m going to that gig along with our mutual acquaintance. Really like their take on pop on the last couple of albums.

Just recently got into them. I avoided them for a long time, for no good reason - I just thought they’d not be my kind of music.

I like them a lot - they seem really nice people as well.

I’m off to the gig tomorrow. Never seen them before, so really looking forward to it.

Really looking forward to tomorrow. I saw them at The Koko on the day of the EU referendum. I was and remain heartbroken at the result and unfortunately the memories of their gig became tainted.

As usual I’ll be at the back alone with a drink in my hand. On the off chance I’m recognised, although its been a few years, do say hello. I hope the pair of you have a great gig.

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Hopefully this gig will bring better memories! I basically immersed myself in Hammock’s album last year in the wake of the referendum. Was my AOTY but will be forever associated with that feeling…
Will tell K to keep her eyes peeled. She guessed at you the first time I mentioned there was a BMS on the forums maybe a year back so I imagine she would recognise you!

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Love them, especially Heartthrob. Going to the gig tomorrow and really looking forward to it.

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Heartthrob is probably their best album and not a bad song nor filler on it. I got into them on the back of So Jealous and first saw them at The 100 Club in 2005. If I Was You is a very overlooked album of theirs; some brilliant pop gems on there too.

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Really like them. Seeing them tomorrow. Hopefully spending Valentine’s with a few hundred other lesbians might make me feel less alone.

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I’m off to see them in Bristol on Wednesday. My first time!

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Oh wow, the video for Stop Desire is amazing! One of their best songs as well :slight_smile:

I’ve been a secret fan for years. I still think that The Con is their most complete album. I like some of the new pop stuff on a track-to-track basis, but I can’t listen to either of the last two albums back to back, they’re too full on production-wise maybe.

It seems like they’ve got tighter live? Back in the day you could almost guarantee that they would fuck up a song somewhere in the gig. It was usually charmingly done though.

Their gigs feel like a serious Sapphic social event to an outsider. Great fun.

I hope you guys had as much fun as me. A great set and performance. Their stage banter is always warm and funny. A huge cliché but the audiences always feel their love and appreciation and feed it back. I’ve always loved the crowds at their gigs. I say that as an old cynical misanthropic bastard. Patti Smith gigs/audiences are similar for me in their feel.

Personally, tonight certainly exorcised some of the tainted memories of their gig on The EU referendum night at The Koko.

Anyway, I had fun tonight. I hope you guys did too. If you’re seeing them on this tour you’re in luck.


Yeah, it was great.

Hope they don’t have any gigs scheduled for France in early May though…


Very true. Or any Dutch gigs in mid-March.

Thought it was terrific

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Totally agree on the connection between them and the audience. Reminded me of Elbow in that respect. Definitely would see them again when they next tour :slight_smile:

Anyone going to Sunday’s gig at Shepherds Bush Empire too?