That was tricky to type.

Anyway, it’s Thursday evening! What are you up to? I’m not going to be around much but I thought I’d get things started.


gonna get f’d up with the boss and one of t’other managers this eve. it’s a yearly tradition and it ends in the worst hangover, always. hiyo, off i go


Evening ccb,
I was gonna go to the gym but I decided to drink some beer instead.
It’s basically the weekend innit?!


evening. just had a fucking massive baked sweet potato with 3x cheese. bought a kettle so, enjoying some lovely cricket highlights with a cup of tea. might just go to bed after that, no one can stop me.

got laid off from the second job in two weeks, starting to get old.


It’s the weekend, yes

It’s basically Christmas isn’t it? My productivity has gone to pot!



Pretty pissed off all day tbh. Spent my only day off at home before Xmas waiting for a delivery that never materialised, and when speaking to customer services, my parcel has not even left the depot. Fucking fuming.

This evening, gonna potter round doing a bit of tidying and cleaning, having spaghetti Bolognese and watching Masterchef


Basically yeah. My productivity may have dipped a tad as well, but please don’t tell anyone


Bath time bbl x


Bbl? Bubble?





Everyone’s out drinking on their staff day out and I’m sitting at work ringing people up for a failing project.

How did it come to this.


Met my new principal today and am not entirely optimistic about my long-term job prospects.

I’ve eaten a Xmas sandwich and mince and dumplings though, so not a total waste of a day.


I’m having a beer at home, then I’m meeting the TV for a pint, after which we’ll go and see ‘The Disaster Artist’.

Flying to London in the morning though so can’t get too wasted.


Because you’re better than them Songs :+1:


Shit man! Hope it isn’t as bad as you think in the future!


Have a mac and cheese in the oven. Might play some rocket league


Just eating Quality Streets basically


Feel a bit off, so not going out. Watching American Vandal and doing farts so rancid my gf almost threw up.


I’d like some mac n cheese


Working. DrownedInSQL :expressionless: