As if I could

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Not doing much. Was going to meet some work peeps from another department for :beers: but cba.

Going to drink tea and do my top 10 album list.

Sellotape aye?! Christ and I thought I was buying a shite gift


Fruit cremes?

How’s the secret Santa gifting going there lo-pan?

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I’m being very sneaky with my Secret Santa this year.

Not sure I’m a fan of your tone tonight Witches


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Went in to the scary attic on my own to retrieve the christmas decorations and survived. I deserve a badge or something :trophy: there, a trophy emoji will have to do.


Imagine I’ve inserted a sighing, shaking head gif here.


Eventually. I suppose…

It’s been imagined :grinning:

Let’s do a quality street swap! I’ll send you my toffees and other assorted crap ones.


I had some noodles with stir fried veg which included brussel sprouts for dinner, so that was vaguely festive.

Going to wrap some more presents tonight to try and keep Christmas under control and avoid PANIC (or at least minimise it).

Need to pick an album to listen to, feel very lacking in inspiration.

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Haha!! :smiley: was a genuine enquiry.

OMFG, fuck my phone. Took me a million attempts to write that.

Yes, laelfs! That’s what I need to start putting when I’m unable to find a gif or get the fucking things to work!
Stupid gifs

brb, just going to go through my post history

Hop on the train then, I’ll dish some up


Sounds good! I shall throw them to you one by one Star Bar stylee!


Yaaaaassssss! What should I brjng?

:thinking:hmmmmm ok Witches, I’ll take your word for it :wink:

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Just whacked some cauli and broccers in to roast to go with dinner. Chef kissing fingers motion