Skillo once said that Wozza looks like Noo-Noo and it’s one of the only times I’ve ever seen him genuinely annoyed

“How the fuck can I look like Noo-Noo!? It’s a fucking hoover!”

Great stuff


Was Skillo right?

No, not in the slightest. The guy looked nothing like Noo-Noo, no human being does

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The baby in the sun got done for racist tweets

Their upright stance/ forward and high facing eye structure indicates they evolved to be carnivorous.

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He do it for the smelly hubbies

I hate them all, a visceral sort of hate that began when i first clapped eyss on those cunts in the 90s. Quite like the hoover though

weren’t they all like, 7ft tall? monsters

Doesn’t the noo-noo love a bit of tubby custard? Utter filth

Fuck the teletubbies, it’s all about the boobahs

In the Night Garden > Teletubbies


I once told someone they looked like the Why Bird. And they did.