Television Programme Improvement

I’ve been watching old episodes of Peaky Blinders. One thing that struck me is the frequency with which Grace, who got offed in series 3, keeps turning up to gratuitously haunt the fuck out of Tommy.

This set me wondering if there are any other long-running TV shows that would be significantly improved if they either arbitrarily killed a major character or selected one who’s been dead for a while and then scripted them to do lots of haunting of one or more still alive characters.

Any ideas?

University Challenge


The Queen’s Speech


Bring back Friends, but with a Ghost Chandler

“Could I be haunting you any more right now?”

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Wrong Bambi. That one’s not dead.

They did that one for real though in the 90s didn’t they?


How about a load of ghosts haunted by one living? That could be the twist. Get me Mr N Shyman on the phone!

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Was going to say Conservative Party Political Broadcasts

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You’ve invented Christopher Biggins in Rentaghost.


And for that I am sincerely sorry.

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I’ve just thought about this for probably the first time in 25 years

Thought this was v funny but also I was about 10 at the time so


Make it so the two teams and actually stacked on top of each other.

Anyone familiar with Dexter will also be familiar with ghost dad, who is totally unnecessary. That’s an example of this being a bad idea.

OK, it finished 15 years ago, but all characters on all other shows like Nate from Six Feet Under should be removed immediately.

I only just found out this matter got me in the local paper.

Clit hero

Mao S&M… kinky kommunism.


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Oh god May to December

Might remember some more shit 80s sitcoms in a minute


What is a Rentaghost and why do people of a certain age get all misty-eyed about it?

Because we were kids and there were only three channels back then. You youngsters don’t know you’re born etc.

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