Whats everyone rocking?

Who can claim the indie points for claiming not to watch TV whilst blatantly using a laptop to watch Netflix 20 hours a day?

who has the biggest HD ist tv?

remember 3D TVs…? which of you suckers is trying to claim that curved TVs are really really good…?

Need a new one. Ours is by some low rent unknown demand that you can’t sync with any remotes, consoles etc. The sound is really bad once you turn it up and the picture goes bad when it’s dark. Proper shit for watching movies.

In the market

Got some 42" SHARP 4k HD WTFBBQ “Smart” TV. The smart functions are largely shite, other than Netflix, so I had to get a Roku stick thing for the rest of the streaming services.

The sound was also appalling so I got a sound bar/subwoofer to compensate for that.

No, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Have a 40" Panasonic, bought about a year ago.

4k, does all I need, I like the size, Not too big.

I give it 5 stars

Samsung 49". Full HDR, 10 bit panel. 1000 nits.*

*Full hotukdeals bantz.

Got a 40" Samsung, it’s about five years old now, absolutely fine but upgradable.

Got This bad boy!

Some 42" thing. Reckon it’s Hitachi?

Anyway it’s fine, big enough for the room, looks good, sounds great. 4 HDMI ins so no worries there. A class act. Bought it 5 years ago from Tesco.

I watch a fair bit of TV, but it is all Netflix/Sky Go on my mum’s account. Just watch MOTD on the old terrestrial.

Thanks for asking, hope you have a great day.

I only have 3 and it is surprisingly irksome.

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32" LG TV that has freeview built in, but we live in a dead spot so :man_shrugging:

When I bought it (which must be at least six or seven years ago) I foolishly walked all the way home from Richer Sounds with it. Should have got a cab.

38" lg hd thing I’ve had since I moved in here 8 years ago. No Ariel/ reception here. Used to have cable but have given that up so I’m 100% netflix/ iPlayer etc these days

The remote no longer works but I don’t really seem to need it - the sound goes through my hi Fi via an hdmi switcher thing

An upgrade to something bigger (which would not actually be much bigger physically cos mine has big edges (?) on it) would be nice, but I’ll wait until it stops working

40" Samsumg something, 7 or 8 years old now I reckon. It is smart but the smart things are a bit shit (4od doesn’t work any more for example) so we have a Chromecast plugged in obv. It’s fine. I scratched the screen with our vacuum cleaner when we moved which annoys me.

Ironically, it seems I have the smallest telly of all of you - 24 incher I think

Yeah my previous telly was a 32" piece of shit that I bought for £300 with my first PhD stipend. The bevel was so big that the new 42" one takes up the same amount of space as it did.

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How many televisions do you own?

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60" plasma

that i don’t watch tv on

Edinburgh flat has some basic Samsung. 28” I think. Bought it in a very quiet Black Friday sale a few years ago.

Doesn’t pick up TV in our flat and we don’t have an external working aerial, which is annoying, but then freeview isn’t great, so. Also gets a bit weird with some HDMI connections - kept scrambling a Now TV box for thinking it was pirated content, and wouldn’t display a (also a Samsung) blu Ray player at all. But works fine with my Xbox 360 and that does most everything we need anyway. Or just plug a laptop into it if need be.

Gonna have to buy one when I move out of London next year, can’t go back to full-time watching on my laptop.

My parents have THREE in their house. THREE. Insane.

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Saw a very good offer for a 50" megatv a while ago, but only ONE hdmi. What am I Amish?

Anyway I forgot I’ve also got a 32" Samsung on my bedroom wall, and I can just say to my Google Home “Watch Archer on Netflix” and it fucking happens. The flat of the future.

It’s a shit old telly but plug a Chromecast in and by jiminy we’re hooked up.