I had a 42" Panasonic, but it looked like the 2001 monolith when switched off. This unsettled me. So gave it away to my nephew for his PS4 gaming. He likes me more than his mum or dad.

Ah, okay, thanks for the advice.

We don’t. None of our DVD collection is digitised, and none of us have ever downloaded/ripped from other sources at all.

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My old man’s first DVD player he bought in about 2001 was a brand called ‘Mirror’. “Not gonna lie those are all superior machines” etc.

It’s still going. My sister’s got it. Needs a little push sometimes to get the tray to shut, but it’s still going.

(Obvs can’t watch Blu Rays or whatever on it but who cares)

In our family my mum gets my sister’s cast-offs.

As a result for years she had - in her small two up two down house - some absolute beast of a widescreen CRT that was so wide and deep that both her cats could quite happy sit on top of it. It absolutely dominated her front room. I kept telling her to get rid of it but she’d just come back with “but where would the cats sit??!”, or occasionally “I can’t get a flatscreen, the cats would jump up and knock it over!”

Eventually it died and she got my sister’s latest cast-off, which was a flatscreen. Weirdly the cats have found other places to sit…


My brother in law bought a Panasonic one in the early 2000s for loads - must have been several hundred quid and only played Region 1 DVDs. The CyberHome? £59.99. Played anything.



Do they still have this Region 1/Region 2 distinction in DVDs or whatever? I’ve never really delved in (also don’t currently have a DVD player because we stream everything on Netflix/Apple Movies or whatever).

One downside of getting a new telly is the urge you get to replace SD movies with HD/UHD. Very hard to fight it.

Don’t know actually… We don’t have any disc playing means either since my last laptop died.

The TV we’re looking at apparently has excellent upscaling, so I hope we can get away without replacing any of our existing DVDs.

It may be that we stream all future films and so a dedicated 4K blu-ray isn’t necessary.

They do

Oh God, yes. It was from WHSmith, not Tesco.

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saw an advert for an 8k tv last night. I don’t believe that 8k is a thing. Surely we’re beyond what the human eye can pick up? i still don’t get 4k? Isn’t that the new thing?

What a world.

I have a 38" sony tv. It does the job.

I’m not sure what that means, but the ‘X1 Extreme’ chip is meant to be the best around, and this year Sony have cascaded it down to a mid-range, non-OLED TV for the first time.

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50” Panasonic. Its nearly two years old, I got it in the January sales. It’s a lovely TV it’s got built in Netflix which is mainly what we watch.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Similar reason to people not bothering to make 4K TVs under a certain size, right?

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Ooh, have they got more sophisticated than just interpolating pixels colours? They did basically nothing, lovely stuff.

I see. I can’t remember it ever being an issue for me, oddly.

Yeah, you’d have to be sitting very close, or have a very big screen to notice the step from 4K to 8K.

Even 4K is a bit of a push for how far most people sit from their TVs and the size of set that they get.

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You must have had a CyberHome.

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Yeah. Another thing - I am in no way shape or form ready for a future of watching films in HD in a domestic setting. I haven’t adjusted to it in the slightest.