Quick poll

  • I want the highest possible definition and picture quality
  • I care a lot about the pixels and definition
  • Just doesn’t matter at this point does it, all new tellies are more than good enough to watch stuff on

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Going to have to buy a TV next year, keep looking at that TV thread and wanting to poke my eyes out.

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There’s another one?

Yes but you have to be a DiS gold member to see it.

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Cpuldpeiple please submit a brief floor plan of your sofas and chairs in relation to your tv please. Or describe it (though I’d prefer a floor plan)

Just realised none of my chairs really face the TV, on account of not really watching it I guess.


Sort of none of the above

I bought a new TV a year ago and went full marckee, read all about it and even got a which subscription :roll_eyes:

Can I tell the difference between my immaculately chosen and researched and reviewed Panasonic and any other TV of a similar size?

Of course not.



Great work. Thanks @Tuna that looks nice and cosy.

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you could be an estate agent with lines like that!

I’m seeing this as some sort of rectangular monster coming to devour you while you watch telly.


Tv is on a bracket on the wall with tilty angles… Yes it’s an extender

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i’ve owned one tv in my life, and it was this 45 + inch monstrosity that my rich mate gave to me because he wanted to get a curved tv. had it in my room to play fifa/watch netflix on, but it was a bit embarrassing when I had people round, innit (cwbaft). remember moving it to the room next door sometimes to avoid this.

Don’t use Which? for TV reviews - they don’t really know what they’re talking about on techy stuff.

That’s fine, neither do I.


tbh, the blocky image is probably a result of most broadcast tv still being in standard definition. always looks a bit crap when stretched out on modern TVs.

If you’re buying new, I get the impression it is probably quite hard to buy a bad TV these days.


Think I thought this was the one on watching habits?

will a photo do?

the telly looks tiny here - it’s 36"


:smiley: one of my best mate wrote lots of Which? tech reviews in the past couple of years, I’ll pass your feedback on