Tell about your local/favourite cafe



similar to pub threads of yore

what’s your local cafe?
what do you like about it?
what’s the best thing on the menu?
how much is the toast?
do they do daily specials?


Don’t really have one


coffee pod on woodlands road
it’s comfy
the thai soup is pretty good
they do a different soup every day i guess

coffee isn’t much to shout about but it’s next to my house and they have nice chairs. yes i am old.


are we talking caff or cafe?

Either way I don’t have a favourite.


old school caff or gentrifiied cafe, think both have their place


Pellicci’s on Bethnal green road is the best caff


I don’t actually have one.

I rarely go out for breakfast these days.


going out for breakfast at the weekend is literally one of the best things about life, i dunno why I don’t do it more often


Local caff = 2T’s on New Cross Road. No idea if the apostrophe is appropriate or not as not sure what the name really means. It’s pretty good, and has a large trades person clientele which is always a good sign. Think that toast is 50p which is not to be sniffed at.

Local gentrified cafe = anywhere else in New Cross that isn’t Birdie Num Nums…


Jonty’s is my favourite in sheffield I think


Because the massive coffee is likely to induce an equally large poo and I’d much rather be in the comfort of my own home for that.

Also eating a fry up in your pants is frowned upon in most places. Probably fine in Spoons, though.


is belly busters on glossop road still there? their breakfast breadcakes were pretty special


get an eggs benedict kinda thing and a nice big coffee. lovely.


Does the Debenhams canteen count?


Used to be one round my way that I miss called cafe net, it’s unique selling point was it was an Internet cafe without the internet


No. Actually ellas is better than jonty’s but they’re both gentrificafes


My problem is that Saturday morning i’m up early for gym every week and i’m there til like 12. I miss the breakfast!
Sunday I just can’t be fucked to get up if I don’t have to.


In Bloom - loosely Nirvana themed vegan cafe

Only been a couple of times as only just opened.
Nice staff, lots of options for me.
Seitan kebab thing was good.
No toast but haggis toastie is about a fiver.
Yeah specials.

One I go to most is probably Caffeine drip nr work in Edinburgh which is very good

  • fry up
  • coffee and pastries
  • avacado on toast & a smoothie
  • eggs benedict/florentine
  • plain omelette
  • tea & toast (£8)
  • some sort of misery granola/muesli & yoghurt

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An article about this place showed up in my Facebook feed just yesterday…