Tell DiS about your last time at a pub.

Tell us about your last time at a pub. Which pub?

Who were you with? Spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend? Pint with old mates? New mates? A date? Pint alone?

Mine was on Sunday 15th March with an ex-workmate. He lives about 15 minutes walk away and we have a regular thing of meeting weekly/fortnightly at the local Wetherspoons at 10:15pm downing four quick pints over a moan at Brexiteers, politics, his football team Arsenal and the state of our respective hospital laboratories and then we head home at kick out at midnight.

Miss those moans with drinks. They always were a nice reset and a way of getting rid some frustration out of my system.

Friday 13th March, The Prince Albert in Brighton. I was with a few friends and we spent most of the time wondering if we should actually be out. Think we had a few pints, knocked back a tuaca or two and left.

I… can’t remember


can barely remember what happened yesterday,

With my partner, night they all got shut down (March 20?). Went to three nice ones in the city centre, just to give them a bit of cash before the inevitable.

Had a dead nice Apricot wheat beer in one. The last one only had two seats set up by the window. We bought the barman a drink. It was selling of the keg stuff really cheap so I got a pint for less than £2.

Everyone was very very quiet and it was very weird walking around what should’ve been a buzzing city centre but that felt like a Sunday afternoon.

We hadn’t had dinner when we started all this and ended up proper hungover on the Saturday.


Spoons near Christmas I think, secret Santa gift exchange with friends. I had a veggie burger and chips and a hot chocolate

The Elephant & Castle.

My friends who I play 5-a-side with. It was a very sad night as we all knew it’d be our last get together for a very long time.

It was some gastro-type establishment in the Yorkshire dales with 'er indoors and family. Food was good but it was one of those places that hadn’t really conmitted to being either a pub or a restaurant so wasn’t great.

Boy’s Night - February edition (25/02/2020) We operate a punishment based system of organisation whereby poor punctuality or performance the previous month results in you organising the next month. My pal who organised Feb had obviously done absolutely no prep on somewhere to go after we’d eaten and we were all like “alright then, where now? bet you’ve got somewhere great planned eh?” because it was obvious there was no plan and he was like “erm yeah actually, got a lovely place lined up it’s called err… The… Crown!” and we were like “alright, this will be good, let’s see where the nearest Crown is then” and there was only one round the bloody corner! We were all like “no way, you lucky bastard! haha!” so we went to The Crown and it was a shithole and the staff were irked that we arrived as they obviously thought they were gonna be able to close early and we went in there and spoke about “well, I bet next month’s one is gonna have to be round someone’s house or something at this rate!” and then the lockdown happened and we had to do the next one as a Zoom call where some of us were in the bath. Cheers.


Monday 16th March - Sparklehorse, Glasgow. DiS pub quiz with laika, japes, p_a_u_l and possibly unlucky. It was the day they announced you should probably stay away from pubs so it was quiet. We came second or third and have the prize still to claim. Had fnc and also had sticky toffee pudding to ‘help the pub out’. Was a good if slightly surreal night.


Saturday 14th March. My wife had been taken out to lunch by a friend as a belated birthday present and I met them in the Nag’s Head for some sludge. Everyone in the pub was being very cautious and cleaning their hands thoroughly etc.

we went for a week in pembroke before The End Times. we’d just found out gf was pregnant so there wasnt much call for pub trips, unforch, but every one we went in she asked if they were doing food and every time the answer was, the kitchen opens at 6, and we always got there at 4ish. the last one we went in was right next to pembroke castle and they were doing food! i had a lovely lamb shank (oo err), they were playing carly rae jepsom songs and the landlord called me babe. good pub

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I’d really like to go to the pub


Friday 20th March

Had popped out on my own to the local wanker pub as they were doing a 30% off takeout flash sale. On the way home I passed one of the city’s hidden jewels and thought I’d pop in for a beer. Was pretty busy. Had a pint of Latte Stout by Yeovil Ales and a nice chat with the landlord.

14th March. Was supposed to be going to a non league game but we decided last minute that we didn’t want to, so was at a loose end so went to the pub down the road on my own and had a few beers and read and stared out the window for hours. And it was lovely.

Solitary pint at the train station micropub in notts as I waited for two mates to join me to head to a houseparty

Friday March 13 - my birthday drinks at the Cock Tavern in Kennington. A small but lovely gathering but lots of cancellations because Covid fear was already a thing. 3 friends there that night went on to get ill with Covid-like symptoms so a surprise I didn’t have the same fate. Got too drunk and was in bed by 12.

Think it might have been the London DiS meat. My atds have largely stopped going to pubs.

Sunday the 15th March, I had two 2/3rd pints of some juicy IPA to celebrate my birthday in Unity’s tap room. Before then, Friday the 13th March in the Hope and Ruin in Brighton where I drank considerably more pints of wanker IPA and ate a vegan doner kebab.

I fucking miss the pub so much just want 2 run 2 u.

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