Tell DiS about your last time at a pub.

Went to Wapentake in Leeds the night before pubs were made to shut. Was the night before my partner’s birthday, so we decided to go out for a couple - definitely quite strange and uncomfortable being in a pub by that stage, but I was (and still am) really quite angered by the government’s piss-weak “we’d encourage you not to go out, but we’re not going to do anything about” message.

God, I miss the pub.

Monday 16th March - Sparklehorse, Glasgow. DiS pub quiz with laika, laelfy, p_a_u_l and possibly unlucky. It was the day they announced you should probably stay away from pubs so it was quiet. We came second or third and have the prize still to claim. Had fnc to ‘help the pub out’. Was a good if slightly surreal night.


Duck club the day the lockdown was announced. Was on my tod but chatting with the team in there, had a pint then got one on the house.
Elbow bumped the team on my way out, was really quite emotional. :cry: :grinning:

Man i want a pint in a pub so so much :weary:


Regretting not having that sticky toffee pudding now eh

regret not taking the wine


King William IV in West Horsley 20.12.19 for lunch with the four families (having a Skype drink with them all tonight as it happens).

14th March. Went on a massive walk with the other half, ended up around Primrose Hill and found a lovely pub. Popped in for a quick pint and we said we’d definitely visit there more regularly.

We’ve spoken about this specific pub every few days since. Desperate to go back. Or to any pub for that matter to be honest.

Sat in a pub in Dinas Powys with my wife, my parents and my sister watching England v Wales in the six nations. After a long afternoon session we went back to my house and my old man, my sis and I stayed up till the wee small hours drinking and listening to music. Really grateful I got to have such a great time with them (we went and watched my sister’s s beloved Sheffield Steelers beat Cardiff in Cardiff for the Challange Cup final the next day) before we all got stuck in lockdown.

think it was the 18th, a couple of days before the full lockdown

met a friend in Soho for a coffee, realised it might be the last time we go to the pub so popped into a fairly generic one

there was only two other people in there along with the staff (who were wearing masks)

very weird atmosphere

absolutely not a clue tbh

It was the Cross Hands in Fishponds. 6 March. With M, G, R and my dad. We ate, I had a burger I think there was stilton in it. We neglected to get the fries with manchego and truffle oil, which was probably just as well cause I was stuffed and a not a little drunk. The kids played in the garden and generally ran around like hooligans.

The evening ended with me and my dad having a big row about how immigration, hand car washes, modern slavery. Which made a change from Brexit (at least it wasn’t directly Brexit). M had to come and tell us to can it at 2 am :grinning:

We had a nice breakfast the next morning, no one having really spoken about the row. Until, just as my dad was leaving and was almost out of earshot, he called out “I’ll just have a dirty car while my back is bad then, yeah? Bye Pete”

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Is that the one on the corner of staple hill rd? Opposite a co-op?

A date. We were meant to go to Mermaid Bar in north london, but we got there and it was closed. Burst water pipe or whatever. Went to the nearby Clapton Hart, which is terrible. Had a few staropramen, had some sausages and mash or something, went back to hers and had sex, moonwalked all the way back to Lewisham.

Firefly Bar in Balham with one of my favourite people.
I had two pints of Five Points Railway Porter and two (actually it might have been five or six) schooners of DEYA Steady Rolling Man.

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I am impressed you mustered the energy after sausage and mash. Anything more substantial than a glass of water and I cba.

21/02/2019 with friends few pints in the Refinery as it is an easy place to meet even though we all hate it, in Salford Arms for a bit, tapas at Porta, Oxford Arms, Old Pint Pot home before midnight. Not a standard mind but, was pleasant.

iirc we shared a main and a starter. I know the risks of a full plate of sausage and mash, I’m not a maniac

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Saturday 7th March. Mrs W and I were in Manchester for the weekend. We spent a large proportion of the Saturday in Northern Monk and Cloudwater (if they count as pubs for the purpose of this thread).

Got told by a doctor a few days later that I should be self-isolating. Haven’t left the house since (other than for dog walks in the woods).

I could really fancy sitting in a pub garden right now.

Feb 27th
Work drinks
Sat in someones explosive diarrhea by accident
Left because of sitting in the diarrhea and my bf had his work laptop stolen and we were flying to Mexico the next day
Awful last time in pub experience

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ah actually I do remember, was in some wanky place in holloway with a ping pong table and assorted wacky decorations. it took them about 10 minutes to pour my pint and went to see parasite at the odeon holloway afterwards