Tell me about a nice place you've visited recently.

Yesterday I went to Hever Castle for the first time since I was a kid and it was very lovely, red leaves all over the facade. The old dude in the gallery told us loads of info about the portrait collection they had of medieval/Tudor royals, which was genuinely really cool. Also got to do the maze which is always my favourite thing about Hever.

There were pictures but they’re showing up all pixelated.


Track brewery tap Saturday. Nice vibe much better than the cloudwater snooze fest across the road.

I was in Radcliffe at the weekend, and we went on ‘the banana path’ along the canal and near an old train line. The canal was one of the stretches that’s covered in greenery on the water and there was a lovely view out over the hills and whilst there are definitely more remarkable places it was completely unexpected to find this lovely stretch directly between the tram stop and a housing estate.

Lincoln Cathedral - very grand, loads of different sections all branching off from each other that were fun to wander through, some incredible marble and wooden carvings. Think the roof section would be even better but didn’t have time to get up there


Did you go to the food market? There’s a stall that does excellent kebabs in there.

No, I was there exclusively to go to andy vine’s parent’s house. Didn’t see the centre of radcliffe at all, just the canal path and a house.

Aberdour castle+gardens

then Black Sands beach


Next time you’re up that way can recommend those kebabs then. Or the club sandwich and cakes from Roma, the Italian deli next door to Morrisons in Whitefield.

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Was in Wallasey early Saturday afternoon. Seems a nice little town. The New Brighton promenade was a good walk, even if the weather was a bit meh.

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Went to RHS Bridgewater at the weekend that’s alright. Could do without that the sound of Astley shooting club down the canal going off all afternoon. Also they’ve finally finished the path from the canal to the garden’s so we’ll be able to walk there which isn’t an unpleasant walk.

Not so much a place, but recently walked the 10 miles or so of the Itchen Way from Winchester to Eastleigh. Was incredibly quiet, considering there is a motorway and trainline in close proximity, saw a bunch of nice wildlife including Grebes, kingfishers and evidence of otters on the path, and some of the most lovely views I’ve seen in a while


I went to Rye on Saturday! Loved it

Mermaid Street is really cute and also the area has a spooky history of smugglers from the middle ages which is interesting


The only place I’ve visited recently was Blakeney. It was alright. The sort of place you should go if you like looking at the sea. There were fucking loads of really great dogs about, that was the best part of it.

Went to Wicken Fen nature reserve on Saturday, rented some bikes on the spur of the moment and had a cycle round wonderfully flat, empty cycle tracks and county lanes. Stopped in a pub and two women arrived on their horses, ordered pints of lager and drank them while on their horses and said they were doing a whole pub crawl.


Old Butt



Did you at least see the (mighty) Imp?

It’s my old stomping ground so I have a lot of fondness for it… Walking the castle walls is good too!

Did you change at Ashford International to get the train to Rye?

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It is funny, isn’t it. It’s just down from a place called Red Bull. Weird part of the country.

Weird part of a weird country IMO

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