Tell me about Athens

Anyone got any good tips for a few days in Athens? I’m going to a wedding in May and we’re gonna stay for a week but I’ve been told that Greek weddings go on pretty late so I’m planning a full day’s recovery at least, which gives us about 4 full days.

Advice on day trips, restaurants, beaches, historical sites all welcome thanksssssss

What’s your tolerance threshold for ruins?

The Acropolis, Acropolis museum, Roman Forum, Ancient Agora and Panathinaiku stadium are all worth wandering around, and will take about two days to see properly.

A day trip to Delphi is also worth doing.

And if you like a steady hike with excellent views of the city, then Lycabettus Hill will take up half a day.

What time of year are you going? Bear in mind that it gets VERY hot in the summer, and there’s little shade at the historical sites.


It’ll be mid-May so not overly hot and busy hopefully. They’re all great tips, cheers!

There is also a funicular if you want the easy/quick option

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I do like a good funicular


Oh that should be okay then. In the height of summer you’d have to break up and space out a lot of the outdoor stuff as it gets too hot to be outside for too long unless you’re good in the heat.

There’s a really nice park near the parliament building (I think) but, otherwise, as marckee says, loads and loads of ruins so hopefully you’re into that.

There’s a great market with loads and loads of restaurants too.

Parthenon is a must and, yes, I’d agree that the olympic stadium is well worth a visit.


I only went over night on my way back from Paros a few years ago and nothing to add here but it is lovely. Greeks do excellent coffee.

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I’m going to Athens, and also Paros (staying in Naoussa) soon - would love any recommendations you have for there.

I recommend in Exarcheia and Snob if you like fancy pasta

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Also, if you want to go to the Acropolis, make sure you go early in the morning because it gets super packed out. If you’re able take the steep route through Plaka, the streets are gorgeous. Oh yeah btw, you can buy one ticket that gets you in to a whole bunch of ancient stuff around the city - the ancient agora was my favourite because it wasn’t too busy.

TAF was a nice little gallery and does nice coffee, I was very flustered in there and the staff were super polite.

I also went to a restaurant called Rosalia in Exarcheia - I didn’t like the food much, but they had a really lovely waiter who was so friendly and cheerful so go there just for that :smiley:

Last thing: you are gonna fucking love it, there are cats EVERYWHERE.

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Forgot I made this thread but it’s our last day and we’ve done everything on marckee’s list apart from the Ancient Agora which we’re about to visit after lunch

Athens is great, everyone should go


Can also highly recommend attending a Greek wedding

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I’m going next month if anyone has any further recommendations.

Also going to Mykonos should anyone know about there too.

I stayed at this place and their gorgeous roof garden is open to the public and does cocktails and pizzas so is definitely worth a look if you’re in Psyrri. When I was there one evening I overheard a Italian girl loudly telling the guy doing the pizzas that they were the best she’d had in Athens

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omg I could see this from my hotel’s roof garden and would have checked it out if I had more time