Tell Me About Dublin

Thinking of going to see Interpol there in November and making a weekend of it.

Where’s good to go and best avoided?

I’ve never actually been to Ireland yet so thought would be a good chance to see for the first time and see Interpol too (live in South of England but can’t do the RAH Interpol date).


it’s very good but very expensive so be aware

try and avoid Temple Bar as that’s the main ‘tourist’ pub area. It’s okay to have a quick look but not spend any amount of time there

when I went it was better finding authentic pubs down side streets and the like. there are loads


@cutthelights to thread.

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Biggest city in Europe.


I’ve been quite a few times - I was there last in November.

I wouldn’t completely avoid Temple Bar, but just be aware that it is a bit more touristy. It is right by the river though, and it is where most of the shops and bars are. Like @TKC says, there are better ones are down the side streets, but imagine you’d never been to London and someone said not to bother going to see, I don’t know, Nelsons Column, and instead telling you to go and find other things instead.


Ah yes, because it’s always increasing in size exponentially.


why is that though?

Catholicism and contraception


Dublin = fucking cracking city


Follow up to Rum, Sodomy and the Lash?

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Dublin is popular, but I reckon Belfast in NI will eventually be more popular as a destination.

You just can’t keep a good county down.


Have a doughnut, there are doughnut shops everywhere. Go to the jail, that was quite good.

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Oh, THAT Belfast

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I watched the Bourdain episode from Dublin last night. It’s the only one i’ve seen that i didn’t think was excellent. Some of the choices seemed a bit generic, but the scenes in the first pub, think it was called Gravediggers, made me want to jump on a plane. It’s probably a shitey tourist trap, but looked brilliant to me, just hiding behind a gate, sinking pints of the black stuff, eating coddle, standing room only in a dark 200-year old pub - that’s what i want.

Echoing this big time, temple bar is full of pubs where you can pay upwards of €7 for a pint

Some nicer ‘traditional’ pubs in the city centre for yer lovely Guinness would be Kehoe’s, Grogan’s, Toner’s (great beer garden), Doyle’s

For craft beer wankery, Against the Grain, P Mac’s, Black Sheep are all good

Whelan’s for yer pub playing indie tunes with a nightclub attached. Workman’s and Grand Social are also great late bar/clubs with an indie/alt bent


There’s a HMS one as well

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When I was there they were digging up a lot of the city and there was some rugby on, so it was insanely, unpleasantly busy.

that was probably down to the works to extend the Luas (tram) line, that’s finished now. traffic is still insane though

Dublin has been being rebuilt bit by bit for the last 20 years I reckon. There was cranes all over when I was there last year.