Tell me about: Helsinki



Tell me about the things you would do there if you were there for a few days, or even things you have done there.

Don’t tell me: to look for a thread on the old forum because the old forum often crashes my browser :frowning:


Coat in a cold climate (another foppyish recommendation thread)

Hell Stinky more like. Literally the worst place on earth.

Fuck that place.


*never been


I went to Helsinki last year, it’s super nice. I enjoyed walking around the design district and all the art deco architecture. There’s also a church that’s built into a rock which is worth a visit. Wikipedia tells me it is called the Temppeliaukio Church.


you’re not such a bad custard after all


Thank you for your kind words


some stuff written in that thread:


paul (if I can call you that), I had just held back from slagging this lot of because they’re normally falling over themselves to give people tips and bus timetables on other cities. You’ve put them to shame.


Talinn as a day trip? That’d be class, I wondered about doing it but assumed that the ferry would take too long. A hike would be cool too.


the recommendations in that picture above are good. I haven’t been back in almost 6 years but I lived there for a bit.

super jealous that you’re going.


I didn’t know you lived there (why would I), how long for?

You can go too sometime, I let you.


just for six months, did my Erasmus there




this place was good:
puts on some decent DJs


We had a night in Helsinki on our way further north for midsummer.

My brother, his now wife, my ex-girlfriend and I flew up after work on the Friday. I have never seen a place with as many people in such a drunken state.

Not merry drunk, not fighty drunk, but comatose drunk. The first place we went to, everyone talked to us about why we were there. Think it was a locals place. One couple kept buying us all drinks and we ended up going to some club with them. Unbeknownst to me and my ex, the entire time in the club, they kept trying to get my bro and sis in law to go back to theirs for a good ol fashioned but of swinging. They didn’t go, but we’re too polite to then be like “let’s go somewhere else” so we ended up being there for ages. They didn’t tell us till the next day.

Great place. Worth a visit.


I might not be able to find a rave in an office block but I’ll try me best to something illegal


4 nights won’t be long enough by the looks of things


Suomenliina is banging


I went (it would’ve been rude not too after this thread) and it was good. I’d like to go again.


Ooh, we’ve just booked a holiday here.