Tell Me About Lincoln Please (I'm there in a few weeks)




Sorry Adam_R, not sure why I’ve gone so stupid in this thread about Lincoln.


‘bouts’ :joy:




There is, objectively, nothing funny in the slightest in pretending that someone who said “people from work” meant to say “people from York”. I don’t know why I posted it and I don’t know why it’s making me laugh.




Check out yorvik viking Centre and the old rowntree sweets factory


Get yourself up to castle square at the top of Steep Hill and try and hit up The Wig and Mitre for cosy old man pub aesthetic and real ale feel.

If you’re more into your craft beers this place called Beerheadz has just opened which has Cloudwater and sours and that kind of shite.

Down the hill a bit you’ve got The Cardinal’s Hat which is nice upstairs, lots of exposed timber and all that shite. Loads of nice beers, bit of a gin palace.

The Cheese Society is at the bottom of Steep Hill and has a few tables inside. All the food obvs revolves around cheese but it’s really delicious and quite cheap, good spot for lunch.

The city centre is pretty mince so I wouldn’t really go beyond the train station unless you like cocaine.

Go for a run around West Common, it’s quite massive, loads of horsey lads on there but do be aware the whole city is built on a hill cos the Roman’s were proper paranoid.

Yarborough leisure centre is the best bet for a swim but is probs a good 15-20 minute away from castle square.


Lincoln Park




Look who’s crawling back


How did steep hill get its name??


Too far.

Too soon.

He saw the Confederate platoon.


It was discovered by Bill Steep


Say hi to Mummy&DaddyWza if you see 'em.

In the meantime, take this delightful tour:


In December? Are you mad?


Jazz Cafe is nice, Pessimist is a great gin bar. Ole Ole does great tapas. Bronze pig is a very good restaurant. Stay up hill. The further you go into town the shitter it gets.


Came here to post this.

But in capitals.



Bishop Grosseteste University!

All my life thought “Grosseteste” was French for “horrible exam.” Google Translate just told me it’s actually “big pregnancy test.”