Tell Me About Munich Please - I'm there for the first time next month

Just 2 nights on a stag do but if there’s any ‘downtime’ might have a wander…

Before someone says it I’m aware of the Editors song from 2005 with the same name :wink:

The European Patent Office is now split over three separate sites, so if you want to take them all in and see the German Patent Office too then you’re going to why to familiarise yourself with the tram and/or subway systems.

You’re welcome.

The people there are fragile things, be careful what you put them through.

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Wouldn’t know m8

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I don’t really remember what I did there except for going to dachau and drink paulaner in the train station while watching trains leave late at night. The air bnb i was in was owned by the drummer of a local band. The washing machine was in the bathroom and to use it, you had to stick the waste pipe into the toilet, we tried putting a wash on and the pipe slipped, the waste water shot out and hit the tv right up the face. That was the last time we used air bnb I think.

Drink lots of Augustiner

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There are a lot of museums and stuff to visit. The university area is also very nice. But I warn u those Bavarians are quite conservative.

Birthplace of DiS’s favourite son.

Well, as it’s a stag you’ll presumably looking for places to drink. Luckily, Munich is probably the best place in the world for lots of people to go drinking.

There are six traditional breweries in Munich now, Augustiner, Paulaner, Spaten, Hacker-Pschorr, Lowenbrau and Hofbrau, though aside from Augustiner (still independent) and Hofbrau (state-owned) they’re all owned by big conglomerates.

Nearly every drinking place in the city will be tied to one of these. The best, in my opinion, and if you ask most locals, is Augustiner. The bar within the brewery, on Braustaben, is one of the best places to drink, and one of the cheapest, but anywhere you see the Augustiner name will be good.

You’ll almost certainly end up at the Hofbrauhaus, which is an insane place, always busy, and fairly love it or hate it. You might struggle to find a table unless you go very early, and it will be full of coach parties of confused tourists, but is kind of a must do, even if it’s not ideal.

The Lowenbraukeller is also a must-do, just a stunning building, even though the beer is meh.

A really lovely spot and more off the beaten track is Der Pschorr, it’s a more modern set-up, very chilled, excellent food.

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And for non-drinking, the Glyptotek is a world-class museum of classical sculpture, highly recommended.

Go for a big wander in the park and watch the surfers in the river.


^ This, although it might still be freezing cold in March. It also brings you near to the university where there’s a cool small free exhibition about the Weisse Rose.

They were still out when my mate went a couple of weeks ago, and think there’s a pic of them in the snow watch thread. Obviously just not as many of them

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