Tell me about some really fantastic people in your lives please

and what makes them so fantastic


Your Mum

And tits

This was actually an earnest thread that I had high hopes for


@The_Respected_User is fantastic because of his impeccable threadsmithery and bon mots

Ernest Hemingway - author, wrote The Old Man and the Sea

David Gilmour - Pink Floyd guitarist, wrote the song High Hopes

My wife is pretty fantastic if that counts.

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My mate R.

Lost his dad at a young age. Home life with mum was difficult afterwards. Worked his bollocks off at school and uni. Now very successful in the renewable energy field and married to a wonderful person. He’s got 2 young lads, both with quite a high level of autism and the journey he’s been on with that has been inspirational in how he’s learned and adapted and shows his love. Just a really bloody great guy.


My boss, the CEO of the charity I work for.

She’s retiring this summer but has led the charity for 15 years with a seemingly bottomless well of energy and determination. She’ll consistently muck in with any job that needs doing, sometimes even when it’s probably not actually the best use of her time. She leads by example, fights constantly for her staff and the people we work with. Resolutely stuck by me during two periods of personal crisis in the last five years. Vehemently anti-Tory, unsurprising gven the nature of the work we do and our location, but still.

Just a 100% good person and force for good, and will be sorely missed.


Mrs casinobay. The best person in the entire world. Always s happy and positive and helpful.

Why she continues to hang around with me completely baffles me.


Lovely woman I know, former headmistress, spends all her time volunteering and helping charities despite being in her 80s. Always cheerful and optimistic, funny and so kind. She’s a Dame (in both senses)


Sorry everyone :upside_down_face:


Generally all round good poster, one of the most sincere people you’d ever hope to meet. What a good egg they are.


Other than my family: I haven’t seen her in ages but the person who used to head up the street outreach team where I worked. Relentlessly positive, cares deeply for the work she does, fights hard when she needs to, has a great “range” of being able to talk to absolutely anyone and make them feel at home. When I was going through a really stressful period a couple of years ago (I’d visibly been in tears before a Teams call) she was the one person to reach out to check up on me.

In lucky enough to work in a sector that is absolutely packed with fantastic people so I could name maybe 20 or 30 off the top of my head. :blush:

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Think I need some new mates


Maybe some of the folks who are active during the day will also have some fantastic people in their lives!

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My first thought is always to my parents but I’ve talked about them before on here. Someone recently who i really admire and like is the nun who worked in the school I’m at for 30+ years, she is in her 70s and still works as pastoral support and she’s so cheerful all the time and kind and full of energy, i really want to be a person like that, such a lovely person

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