Tell me about the summer you were 14

Think I was listening to Incubus a lot

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Looking at what was big that summer, my favourite song should be Shaggy’s opus “It Wasn’t Me”.

I guess summer of 2001 I was probably getting into Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park (Chocolate Starfish and Hybrid Theory both came out the previous October). Can’t say they’re my favourites but I still enjoy them with more fondness than they probably deserve.

Can’t really remember doing anything tbh.

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Think I just listened to Enema Of The State, 2001 and Battle Of Los Angeles a lot.


Think it was britpop starting…was 14 summer of 1994 so all kissing boys, dancing to pulp, decorating my room with posters from indie magazines, wearing a lot of tie dye etc.

Seems pretty accurate.


Pretty much every number one single of 1985 would feature in my “God no turn the radio off” list.

I spent the summer in Sweden with my parents. We built a raft out of logs and floated it down a river. We got badly sunburned in a tin canoe on a lake and I watched Boris Becker win his first Wimbledon title against my second favourite player Kevin Curren on a tiny black and white telly set in the campsite common room.


I was mostly playing football badly after spending the morning ringing round people’s landlines to get a game together, eating ice pops, reading Terry Pratchett, painting a wood elf host and watching Pete and Pete. On reflection a much better balance of interests than what I manage now.

I think the only albums I had when I was 14 might have been Kula Shaker’s K and Spiders by Space, hmmmm. Peak age for bands making their mark on me was 16 - 18

I was fourteen for the summer of 2002 which meant all I watched was the World Cup. Was already really into music having gotten heavily into R.EM. the year before.

I would probably have been listening to a mix of Rage Against The Machine, Neil Young, Daft Punk and King Crimson that summer. Would have had a battery powered CD player on Scout camp that we listened to RATM constantly on, along with Thin Lizzy’s Black Rose.

My pals were definitely still in a big Limp Bizkit/Korn phase, which I hated, but we all loved bands like Deicide, Decapitated, Morbid Angel and Sepultura. Would have smoked a good bit of hash in Gaz’s attic while listening to those.

Still enjoy most of that music, definitely don’t smoke hash anymore, quit Scouts when I was twenty, still love the World Cup.

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was sunny, think me and my mates did a few nights campaign in each others gardens and running around the village at night

I do still fucking love Permission to Land but I think 2/3 years later was more important

So I was 13 in 2005 and that’s when A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out by Panic! At The Disco came out and I went to watch my first concert which was The Academy Is… with Panic! At The Disco supporting. Also listening to lots of Fall Out Boy and Paramore and Motion City Soundtrack and Funeral For A Friend and My Chemical Romance, so I would say this is very accurate to my current day tastes.

Don’t remember what else happened specifically. Lot of sitting on the floor in Cathedral Gardens, buying badges in Affleks Palace, going to McDonalds, going to the cinema, pirating stuff online. Life was pretty good actually.


aah yes this is a nostalgic thing now haha


Hehe I was going to mention pete and pete in mine, just watched taped episodes of that, eerie indiana and my so called life <3

Woah, totally forgot how much I listened to both those albums too. Remember the next Space album? Mine was in a tin (it was called tin planet, right?) - not sure if they all were or if that was a special edition but it was really really annoying. I remember t was released on my 15th birthday and I was like well, this must mean I’m going to go out with Tommy from Space one day. Very logical conclusion. Still hasn’t happened.


Watching France ‘98,
Playing in a Blood Bowl league,
Getting into physical fights whilst playing wrestling games on the n64

In that order

Actually that might have been the summer of roller hockey as well, that was amazing

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Oh it’s not just music, went to ibiza on holiday.
World cup 94 so lot’s of late nights.
Mushrooms and acid in the park
Watching the word when i was meant to be asleep on a friday

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Went to see arcade fire in manchester

I think Ludacris was all the rage back then as well, you never hear much of him these days do you

Ironically looking it up I realise that “Back in the DHSS” was released when I was 14, although I didn’t get my first pirated copy for another couple of years. But if I’m still hanging on new releases nearly 40 years later I guess the OP point stands to some degree.

Boy eerie Indiana was good good stuff. Big fan of the 90’s creepy stuff for kids, are you afraid of the dark on Nickelodeon too. Pete and Pete was such a beautiful show, would love to watch it again, they had the sort of Summers I wanted to have.

I didn’t have a swanky tin planet tin but do remember the album, I really loved Disco Dolly, oh no.


1999 for me (hello @Funkhouser) But I reckon 97 and 98 were more formative.

OK Computer, In It For The Money, Bring It On, Hello Nasty, Dig Your Own Hole, Fat of the Land, Blur, Californication, Decksanddrumsandrockandroll.

Good times.

Also, probably influenced by having an older subling. 95 and 96 were huge for me because my sister got Everything Must Go, The Bends, The Great Escape…

Music is brilliant.


You were all a lot cooler than me at the age of 14.

However, I did have a nice family holiday to Brittany that year. Things I remember:

  • going on the ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff. Watching Crocodile Dundee and lots of music videos (The ones I can remember are One Night In Heaven, and The Key, The Secret)
  • Staying in this knackered farmhouse that my mum’s friend had found - my sister had to sleep in the corridor because the floor in her bedroom was bowed so badly.
  • walking up to the little shop and buying baguettes and suchlike with my pre-GCSE French
  • seeing some cows trying to shag each other (what is a family holiday without an awkward encounter like that?)
  • Reading the David Gower autobiography and trying to tune into the cricket commentary on the faintest medium wave signal
  • watching the sea mist roll in dramatically - an event that was captured really inadequately on my crap camera.

You’ve just reminded me of going on the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin the summer I was fourteen. The World Cup third place play-off was on the telly and my brothers kept switching my Mam’s vodka and Cokes for my Cokes. I was pissed before my parents realised. Probably the first time I ever got drunk.

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