Tell me about Tuesday

Somehow got the boilerman booked for half 8. Ooof

Then the dog trainer this afternoon, over to my mum’s for tea and cake.

Maybe some shopping in-between dependent on whether mrS goes out for breakfast and when he returns.

How about you beauties??


I am so ill. 38.8c fever. Eldest is ill too. Been up since 3am.

I feel like I am dying

Hello, I’m in Stoke-on-Trent!

Got four hours of meetings and then a train journey home. Limping my way to the Christmas hols.

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Had a migraine all night so my neighbour is taking m to holiday camp. Have to get up anyway as the police are coming over at half nine. Seem to have a cold too. What a day!

Gonna try knock off my Xmas work to do list and coast into the holidays


You poor thing. Keep up fluids and cosy up. Get well soon X

Choochoooing home for Christmas :star_struck:

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enjoy your oatcakes!!

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Last day of work this year. Probably going to be horrible but whatever. Might go for a pint

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We’re having a mattress being delivered sometime this morning. There was meant to be a carpet fitter coming, but they’ve stalled until Thursday. Will Jimbo get his new room finished in time for Christmas? It’s all cutting things very fine now.

It’ll be a quiet day at work, which is how things ought to be at this time of year

Oh good call. Midlands collective (@urbanfox @sine_wave others) is there a good place to get some oatcakes at lunch? I’ll be walking from Hanley down towards the Civic Centre

  • Working today
  • Nope

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WFH from home today, think that assuming the youngest is not coming home poorly, then he’s performing at the school concert tonight.

Need to post an empty box i sold on ebay for 30 quid, and think of other ways of getting out of my overdraft!

Hoping to get a contract to sign to buy a house today as well.

Alot of Oatcake shops are closed on a Tuesday for some reason.

Stoke Cafe in Stoke town centre (so near the civic centre) does a decent oatcake. Having a think if theres any that are en route for you though instead!

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Morning! Yesterday was chaos, hoping today will be calmer (But not getting my hopes up).

Working today and tomorrow, gonna try and get as much finished today as possible so tomorrow can be a wind-down. Thursday is my girlfriend’s birthday so I don’t want to be knackered for what should be a nice day.

The Bombay mix is open so I’m gonna see how much of a bag I can polish off today. Is Bombay mix at Christmas a thing for other people or not? My parents always used to only get it in December so I find it quite festive now.

I think I’ve walked past there before. My meeting is on Hope Street and I’ve got plenty of time between the two

Maybe they make pancakes on a Tuesday instead

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Last day of work, left myself too much to do

Want to get to the cinema at 530 but feel thats … ambitious

Still though, woo!

I thought it was Wednesday and was about to start a thread about solstice! Lucky escape! :+1:

Got some freelance work to do and then going hang out with some pals and might watch elf


Still in bed. Got a bit of an iffy chest. Dog is still in bed too, he’s normally pestering for his breakfast by 7.30, so perhaps he’s ill as well.

Might go into town for a wander around the market at lunch time if I’m feeling a bit better. If not, a long day of not much awaits.

@colon_closed_bracket There’s a place on the corner of Ashford Street and Boughey Road called the Butty Bar that I used to go to. They seem to have had a fancy new sign in the past 10 years but I assume they still do oatcakes and it’s on the walk from Hanley to Stoke.

Oh no! Sorry it got you. GWS!