Tell me about weird/revolting/whatever things your neighbours do

So our new neighbours have many revolting habits, the worst of which has got to be leaving dirty nappies on top of their wheelie bin by their front door (also right by our front door). Not in a nappy bag or anything, just as is, you can sometimes see the shit through the leg holes. They are rank.

They often leave their bin bags by their front door too rather than taking the extra three paces to put them in (or on) the wheelie bin.

Since they moved in they cut down the only tree in their garden (which was a beautiful old lilac tree) and concreted over their grass.

Anyone else got any other top neightbour chat to share? Anyone beat my new lot?

Old lot were noisy arseholes that were absolutely doing my head in by the end.

Worst thing I can say about the new lot is that one of them leaves their bins out until Tuesday or even Wednesday sometimes. Bin day is FRIDAY, Karen!

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Sexing :face_vomiting:

I literally never see or hear my neighbours in my new place, it’s like they don’t exist.

My old neighbours were the absolute worst. Some of them also did the dirty nappy in the recycling bin thing. Another used to chain smoke outside the back door and just drop the butts everywhere.

They had a habit of setting each other’s cars on fire too.

So glad to be away from that street.

Ours aren’t too bad actually. One of them is a bit paranoid / xenophobic but as long as we steer clear of certain subjects we get on okay. He has installed CCTV outside his back gate but that’s partly because we both had bikes stolen last year.

The other side are quiet as churchmice.

About once every 6 months they have some sort of riverdance party?! About a dozen female members of the family arrive and they do riverdance for a bit (don’t really know how, it’s not that big a house). About 11pm they stop and it all goes quiet.

I really like it tbf


That’s an even worse habit than the smoking tbh.

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Tell me about it. My car always seemed to be behind the one on fire too which was quite nervy.

We also had people convicted of heroin dealing. Fun times.

Stole it and then just installed it on his own letterbox ? Cos that is ballsey


Have you ever been invited?

My neighbours are all a bit boring/ not revolting or weird

The house at the top of the street smells quite bad of dog wee, but he’s an older fella who seems to provide a home to lots of retired greyhounds, so fair enough really

Acceptable neighbour party frequency

  • It’s a free country
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Bi-annually
  • Yearly
  • Never

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So how do you know it was him - details!

I mean I’d prefer never, obviously, but if it’s only a Friday or Saturday every few months or something then I’m not going to get huffy about it.


Once complained that my neighbours were having a party every week and they responded ‘it’s more like every other week’


They did you there tbh.


INTROSPECTION TIME: how good a neighbour do you think you are, in the eyes of your neighbours?

  • They consider me to be family more than a neighbour
  • They would be gutted if I moved
  • They like me more than they dislike me
  • Totally ambivalent
  • They think I’m a bit annoying
  • They hate me. HATE me.

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They have never met me. I’d assume as I can’t hear them they can’t hear me, so everybody’s happy :woman_shrugging:


I think this is the logic that our old next door neighbours used to justify shouting indoors from 6 am until 10 pm.

When I was younger and lived in a semi detached we used to come home drunk at 3am and play SingStar really, really loudly. My housemate and I would battle Unchained Melody at least three times in a row, badly. It must’ve been absolutely horrendous, I can’t believe no one ever complained.