Tell me about your Barber/Salon/Stylist/Hairdresser

Been going to the same Lebanese barber for over 15 years. Now the caveat is I moved away from the town he’s located in 10 years ago. Yet I still travel 40 minutes one way to get a haircut. Why? Because he absolutely loves life, its a scenic drive, unbelievable conversationalist, always remember small things about me.

There is literally a barber within a 2 minute walk from where I live now but Sharif will always have my money.

Been going to the same place for awhile, only trust certain people cutting/styling your hair, don’t give a fuck who does it?

I’d like to hear your stories.


I cut my own hair. I lost most of the guards to my clippers but I score myself 10/10 for the gossip.


Have so much respect for people that cut their own hair or have a good friend/significant other do it. Happened more during the pandemic I’m sure. GF has offered so many times but I just never could trust her as much as my barber. :rofl:

Pre-pando it was a nice man called Andy. I started going to him because my old hairdresser talked too much, so even though the place was literally across the street from my house I had to find a new place. Andy was just down the road.

Then I moved house and he’s no longer so convenient but I kept with him because he did a good job and chat was minimum. Felt mildly weird because despite advertising as a unisex place, I’ve never seen another man go there. Or anyone under retirement age. Still. Good haircut.

Now I do it myself. It’s… fine. Probably need to get it seen to by a professional at some point to even it out.


Got to add hairdresser to the title thanks epimer. Think you should see Andy soon. He misses you.

I used to get my hair done regularly between the age of 18 and 20 at an afro hair salon, more than one person did my hair and everyone’s name began with an M which was cool. I liked it there a lot, they used to play whitney houston a lot, left out lots of magazines and were very kind about my hair and complimented it a lot which was a big deal for me as someone who literally never got complimented outside of their family (which to my ungrateful teenage mind, didn’t count lol). My hair was very thick and long so it was nice to get it done weekly and my mum paid for it so it was a nice treat because I didn’t know how to do it myself. I liked watching people get their hair done, such a diverse mix of people from elderly women to younger ones to kids getting braids or men getting cornrows. I had olaplex treatment a few years ago at a white salon and the woman didn’t say anything but her body language and expressions were all :face_with_raised_eyebrow::grimacing::sleepy::roll_eyes::weary: at my big curly hair like she was indiana Jones about to brave a forest but I never got that at the black salon, the only reactions I got to my hair was :star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::relaxed: which made me so happy and more appreciative of my hair which was hard work for me and stereotypically “difficult hair”. Before I’d found it I’d called a more local one run by a white woman who told me she couldn’t do my hair so to try an afro salon which was probably just her not trained to deal with my hair type, but knowing that people had to “deal” with my hair reinforced that nasty stereotype that black people’s hair is wild and untameable.

Didn’t realise I could write so much about hair at 5am :sweat_smile:


Joe, covered in stick and poke tattoos. Really nice lad, sometimes charges me sometimes doesn’t. Been going to him for 7 years. Have a good chat, get told of by his boss for being too loud and swearing. Go out drinking with him.

It’s a unisex place but he’s a barber not a hairdresser.

My pal runs a barbering teaching academy so I go there. Usually turns out good and it’s free, and occasionally I do modelling and get free hair products.

Curls here so finding one who can cut them is ridiculous. A lifelong mission. There’s a woman in Bristol I’d love to go to and given I have it cut once or twice a year then this probably isn’t as silly as it sounds as could tie it into Glastonbury family visits.

However, there’s a woman here known as the queen of curls :princess: I can’t get on her list but her lovely trainee is quite good. Realised when I first went that it’s a super queer friendly space and they employ lots of trans people and now I’m going to stick with them for a bit as they’re quite good and such a nice team and don’t overcharge.

Hate having my hair cut, used to do it myself but also hate doing it.


Sharif won’t like it
Different barber
Different barber


I’ve been going to this woman in her early 20s for the past few years as she’s nice to talk to and she doesn’t over-straighten my hair and leave it flat like most do once it’s been cut. Was a bit awkward when she told me half way through my last cut (which takes two hours) that she’d not been vaccinated yet cos she kept forgetting.

Before her I went to someone else at the same salon who was nice but spoke so quietly I had to just guess what she was saying and hope I had the right response, which was harder when she got the hairdryer out and especially the time she started airing some dodgy views about people on benefits and I was trying really hard to hear her to avoid agreeing with her.

BUT I’ve managed to bag an appointment in February at a specialist curly hair salon that releases its appointments once a month and they go in minutes, I’m actually so so excited as I’ve been trying to get one for months. I only started learning how to wash and style my naturally wavy hair recently and it blows my mind how curly it is once I’ve dried it properly instead of just blow drying it and watching it gradually frizz and kink until I wash it again.


There’s one at the bottom of my flat so I’ll go there until I move again, only been once but he’s from Mozambique, he’s obsessed with Charlie Chaplin, he’s a total sweetheart and it’s one of the best cuts I’ve had in years. Big fan.


Do it myself because I find barbers too awkward, but I never oiled my clippers and they’re now really bad at cutting. Should probably get a new set but I’d just end up doing the same thing…

He came and cut my hair on my balcony during lockdown too the legend.

Moroccan guy over the road from me
Sometimes trims my beard even when I ask him not to but other than that he’s good

A woman called Catherine. She seems to resent the whole process tbh. Seems to take it as an opportunity to give me a pep talk about what I need to do over the course of the next few weeks/months. Makes me clean up after myself. She is my wife! hahaahahaaha


A friend of mine who’s a qualified barber used to do it but he’s selfishly moved away. Go to the Kurdish place round the corner now. They do a really good job and are ridiculously cheap (£8). My only minor irk with them is that they’ll spray you with some noxious aftershave at the end without asking, but I always want to shower straight after having my hair cut so it’s not the end of the world.

Used to go the Cypriot lads round the corner when I lived in London. Bob was my guy, did a decent cut, just the right amount of chat. Places was always rammed though, pandemic actually helped when they moved to a booking system.

Now I’m not in London, have only had one cut since we moved in August. Place five minutes walk away, not sure I got his name, a bit more chat than ideal but nothing overbearing. Was fine.

Spent years going to this place in Brixton where you either got the owner (great) or the other person (terrible) and it was basically a 50:50 chance you’d be called from the queue at the right time and get a decent haircut or not. Cheap though.

Fortunately one day my wife was given a voucher that meant I could get my hair done for free at the salon she went to. Fucking hell lads, I’m never getting my hair cut by a man again. Hair washed, conditioned and massaged? An actual chat before where I can honestly explain how terrible I am at looking after my hair and how seldom I wash it, and they actually give me some useful advice and ideas? And then they just cut it and somehow make it look decent without me having to really do anything with it for two months? Obviously spend more than I would at a barbers but an extra £15 doesn’t seem like much in exchange for all that.


Isn’t this a Seinfeld episode